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President's Report



Welcome to all members to our Annual General Meeting.  It is with pleasure that I present the Annual Report of our Club.  It is such a great and vibrant club – a family of caring friends enjoying activities together.  My main thanks go to you, our members – without your support, kindness and participation we would not function.  I have seen other clubs here and overseas and you come out top of the list.

We have happily welcomed many new members – our Club is continuing to grow.  With sadness we have had to farewell some members through death, illness or change of address.  It is heartening to see such a large number of members attending funerals. 

Our Club also thrives because of the skills and dedication of the Committee making the President’s job a much easier task. 

Don Baillie has been a strong and very supportive Vice President – always ready to give welcome advice with his cheery attitude.  Also he is generous in organising our “away” trips.  Lakes Entrance/Gippsland and Toowoomba adventures were truly memorable – journeys we could not manage alone. 

We have also enjoyed all the Slice of Life segments.

Christine Dixon is an excellent Secretary and managed to keep us all informed about issues and events – being our main link with Probus South Pacific.  She always presents quietly and calmly.

John Dixon our Treasurer has done a most efficient job recording every dollar and cent – making a complex matter so clear to us all.  We have great confidence in him.

Sandra Baillie – so many enjoyable Theatre visits of all kinds – when we can escape life’s problems for a few hours in a world of fantasy – we are so appreciative of all the arranging. 

Marj Martin – produces our great Newsletter in detail without fail every month – a tremendous effort and record.  She is also a great Probus historian and can always supply facts we have forgotten.  Congratulations to her on the publishing of her history of the Club, “The First 20 Years” 1998 – 2018.

George Hannaford keeps a remarkably detailed and accurate account of all members, keeping us all informed.  He is also so welcoming to all our members and visitors. 

Margaret Mohan has been so effective and compassionate as Welfare Officer – so many people have been helped by her and she has kept us all well informed. 

Ken Burkett has completed three years on the Committee and has contributed so much with his managerial expertise, but mostly his humour.  We love your coffee and tea at our Committee Meetings.  All have enjoyed the Probus lunches – especially our great 20th Birthday celebrations. 

Terry Lawson, together with Sandra, has done a stirling job with day trips – not an easy task to balance numbers – we have enjoyed them all and made many new friends.

Esther Townsend has somehow managed to procure such interesting speakers and we have learnt so much. 

To all these wonderful enthusiastic and committed people I say thank you from us all. 

Added to the Committee names are conveners of many club activities: -  Brian Godsell – walks:  Fran & Lisle Howard – Music Appreciation:  Book Clubs – Nancye Harris and Dolores Harrington:  Lawn Bowls and Mens’ Luncheons – Ken Burkett:  Movies – Mary Monaghan:  Trivia & Krazy Whist – Mary Lavarack:  Golf and Lawn Bowls – Tony Minogue.   Tony has also been responsible for starting Table Tennis. 

Much gratitude is owing to Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club for their generosity – the Club is our “home”. 

New to the Club this year is our promotion of a Club Website – a huge and exciting achievement.  Ron Brayan was responsible for the idea, but we are so grateful to Chris Jackson, our new Website Manager, for making it happen – it is growing month by month.  We are now an up to date member of our local Probus Cluster Group.

A big thank you today to Brian Godsell for so ably being our Returning Officer.

Enough said!  I have so enjoyed my year as President and thank you all for your support and friendship.  Please continue to participate and join the Committee – it is fun and rewarding. 


Judith Wilson. 

President 2018 - 2019