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Don Baillie

President's Report


Welcome to all members to this Annual General Meeting

It has been the most pleasurable experience for me, both mentally and physically over the last twelve months.

Mentally, because the meetings and activities really do keep one’s brain ticking over, physically, by trying to participate in many of the offered activities.

This club has such a varied program of activities, managed and run by very committed and “with it” people, that it is impossible to not be involved.

Maintaining members is always a juggle.  New members start, existing members leave to greener pastures or, sadly pass away.  We are fortunate that our large membership allows us to run the programs that we do.

I would encourage you to join in, indeed to help manage, one or more of these activities, and just enjoy the benefits that you will achieve.

During the year your Committee appointed a Website manager, Chris Jackson, and I know that many Committee people have enlisted her skills (me included) and we are grateful and lucky to be able to call on such an accommodating member.

We also have an assistant secretary - - Sandy McGregor and I am sure that Chris Dixon is thrilled to have, not only a backup, but secure in the knowledge that the club will continue to be in good hands.  Chris has done a fantastic job, always ready and informed and up to date with the information needed at both committee and general meetings.

Judith Wilson, last year’s President was, and is, a great asset to the committee and the club.  Still involved with organizing, and worrying about members and the welfare of the club.

Judith organised some great dinners throughout the year.  You will be sadly missed.

The other half of the Dixon family, John the Treasurer, may often bamboozle us with figures but is always available to explain his computations in a simpler and understandable way.  We are lucky to have such a committed and able treasurer.  I am sure John has thanked our auditor, Ray McWhinnie, on our behalf, for his contribution to club management.

Pierina Dick, our Vice President and soon to be President, will, I know, bring a wealth of experience and managerial ability to the club.  Pierina has presented our Slice of Life from members and we have all gained some insight into those members lives.

Our Newsletter editor, Marj Martin, as always, goes about producing our monthly Newsletter, our Calendar of Events, the organizing, printing and distribution of those publications.  Beautifully done Marj.

Terry & Sandra.  What a year - - 21 day trips - - well researched, organised and lots of interaction and fun.  We have seen and done some great things this last year.  You will be missed, both at committee and generals.

Jim Mohan has taken us away from our worries to great locations where we enjoyed the company, friendship and laughter of friends.  I am sure he is ably assisted by his wife, Margaret, who does a great job looking after our welfare.  It seems that a husband, wife duo works pretty well.

George, our Membership officer, keeps us abreast of visitors, absentees and numbers present at meetings.  Always has a joke (some not so good) but does a good job maintaining equilibrium.  Our numbers are better than some clubs.

Sandra Baillie keeps us very active and appreciative of the shows and plays that she organises.  We certainly saw a lot of great events last year and look forward to more next year.

Esther, our Guest Speaker organiser, brought forward some interesting speakers that kept us enlightened and interested.  A great variety of subjects.

Brian Godsell researches many of the walks that members went on so that we don’t have to worry that anything will go wrong.  Well done Brian.

The many other activities organisers that are concerned with our enjoyment and welfare each contribute to the club.  Music Appreciation – Book Clubs – Bowls – Table Tennis – Movie Club – Trivia and Krazy Whist – not to forget The Table of Knowledge at the Mens Lunches.

Each of these organisers manage their tasks in a very efficient manner as do those members that manage the information sheets, collect the envelopes, count and record payments.  As President, I certainly thank them sincerely, as I am sure you all do.

Our parent club, The Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, is always generous in supporting us and I am sure that they realise that we, in turn, reciprocate.

In summary, this great club has been a pleasure to be part of.  A Volunteer Committee that is Helpful, Efficient, Confident and Funny, a membership that appreciates those qualities – I believe – ensures the longevity of this club.

Thank you

Don Baillie

President 2019 - 2020


Past Presidents


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