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20th July 2021

Rob McLENNAN - " The History of Radio in South Australia"

Rob embraced community radio in 1984 in Warrnambool, Victoria, where he served as President for 6 years, culminating in gaining a full licence for 3WAY FM in 1992.

He relocated to Adelaide in 1994 to start up the first Capt’n Snooze retail bedding store in Adelaide and joined  Coast FM 88.7 in 1998, based at the Glandore Community Centre.

After presenting the Wednesday Breakfast Program for 16 years, he now presents the Wednesday Coast Magazine morning program and has done so for 6 years.

Rob is passionate about music from the 60s and 70s and has an interest in particular, in vinyls.

17th August 2021

Sandy BAYLEY - "If Asylum Walls Could Speak - A Memoir of 50 Years of Mental Health Nursing"

Seventeen year old Sandy Bayley embarked on her mental health nursing at Parkside Hospital in 1964. Later named Glenside Hospital, it was a very different place from what it later became. A place of deep division between the sexes where women were incarcerated for infidelity and labelled morally insane, doomed to spend the rest of their lives in the asylum.

Sandy has documented the memories of her early years in a book – a graphic and moving account of life at Glenside Hospital, recounting “pencil baths”, gang showers and group bathing and how a young window cleaner saw more than expected and fled.

There are hilarious tales to be told of bodies being transported in the dead of night by very unconventional means, and of Herman the murderer who, when put in a position of trust took it upon himself to absent the institution and more.

Glenside as it was then, was a close-knit community and home to many with 1300 beds and a ratio of fifty patients to one nurse  - an environment in which Sandy worked  for 50 years and which she will talk about on 17th August.

19th October 2021

Lainie ANDERSON - Journalist, Author and Epic Flight Centenary 2019 Program Ambassador

This year marks the centenary of the 1919 Great Air Race, the world’s first flight from England to

 Australia – an achievement akin to landing a man on the moon. With only a compass for navigation, Sir Ross Smith

 (with co-pilot, navigator and brother Keith Smith, and mechanics Wally Shiers and Jim Bennett) flew an open-cockpit Vickers Vimy aircraft – made of wood, fabric, and wire – nearly 18,000 kilometres across the world.

Lainie Anderson is South Australia’s epic flight Centenary Ambassador. Over the past ten years, Lainie has campaigned to preserve the plane languishing out of sight at Adelaide Airport, and raise the profile of the 1919 flight. She received a prestigious Churchill fellowship to travel the world, tracing the epic flight route, and speaking to international aviation historians.