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Payneham Probus Club: Meeting Schedule and Entertainment


24th November 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Alyssa HILL - Daily Moves

Daily Moves is a fitness programme available free of charge to residents 65 and over living in the Burnside, Campbelltown, NPSP, Prospect, Unley and  Walkerville Council areas.

Alyssa will introduce us to the Daily Moves Programme and the research being carried out into fitness in the over 65s.

Daily Moves is a programme to encourage fitness in the over 65s focussing on how best to support participants to be physically active and to achieve personal goals and is available at community venues across our region or in people’s homes.

Personalised support can be provided and this can include a list of local fitness opportunities, regular contact via phone calls and/or phone app, personal training and guidance by qualified personnel and provision of some equipment for home use.

The program offers regular events, come and try sessions and online workout videos. These can be accessed anytime as a member of the public.

15th December 2020

David T. SCOTT - Entertainer

David T. Scott is an entertainer who performs as both a solo artist and with groups.

His performances can include song and also dance, and he has entertained many different groups including senior citizens/retirement villages, RSLs, Probus and others.

He has also performed in musical comedy for the Therry Dramatic Society and the Metropolitan Theatre Company over the years.

He has also sung with the “Bay Big Band”, and “Big Sound”.

He will be accompanied by his 18 year old grandson, an accomplished Irish tap dancer who has won a number of awards

Come and hear David and his grandson entertain us for this, our Xmas Meeting, on 15th December.

19th January 2021

Kevin NOLAN - "1001 Trivia Questions"

A public servant for 33 years in both Commonwealth and local government, Kevin, from an

early age, possessed a keen interest in how things got their names. His experiences in working in many different locales in South Australia and beyond gave rise to many questions which helped provide material for his book.

He has always been interested in history, geography and who’s who and has a natural curiosity

about the hows and whys of the naming of things especially relating to the state in which we live.

Recording questions and answers as an ad hoc process in 1998 developed into the idea of writing

a trivia book, and upon retirement the time became available to bring this task to fruition.

Kevin will tell us all about it and will include a light-hearted trivia quiz for our members during his presentation.

Kevin will have his book for sale for $20












 South Australia was settled as a British colony at a very exciting time; development of the  'portable' steam engine, electricity and the telegraph were creating amazing opportunities and changing peoples’ outlooks.  And all these inventions had a part to play in making South Australia a leader in providing meteorological services to the community in the late 1800's. 


Tony Rogers and Judy Ferrante have just written a book entitled 'The Weatherman from Greenwich' which brings these things together and also gives a rare insight into Adelaide - the young bustling community  of the mid 1800's.  It was a place which attracted its fair share of  entrepreneurs and other characters!  The book has enticed Beth to investigate further - the beginnings  of meteorological services in Britain and Australia - especially South Australia.  What made it possible and why was South Australia a leader?  This is what she will talk about today.