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This page contains a few links to travel companies that are associated with Probus and advertise in the Active Retirees magazine. Minto Probus Club is not promoting any of these trips, they are just for our members who are interested in new travel suggestions.


For a range of Australian holiday & tour ideas see: Probus_Member_Benifit_Scheme_Australia.pdf


Australian Escapes Holiday & Travel Club:  Introduction_to_Australian_Escapes.pdf  or visit their web site

Trade Travel:  visit their web site

Narellan Probus:

Narellan Probus is always happy to have other Probarians join with us and received the benefit (price) of group packages.

Currently we have three in the planning stage

  1. Looking ahead to 2021 a Holiday in West Australia (for the annual native flower display) this trip has some travel options available. WA_-_2021_NSW.pdf

I do have printed copies and booking forms of all the above holidays available for your members.

I can also arrange for sales agent or myself to attend your meeting if required will more details.

Al these holidays have been arranged by Trade Travel (a major Probus South Pacific sponsor).

Further details and information can be obtained by contacting

  1. Me (on the numbers below or this email address)

  2. Serina Mace (NSW Trade Travel sales manager) 0429 364 415, [email protected]

  3. The Staff in the sales office 1800 034 439, [email protected]

Finally if your club would like to share any proposed holidays, send me the details and I can let other clubs in the district be aware of what could be available.

Peter O’Loughlin

Tours Organiser, Narellan Probus Club

02 4626 6961  or  0429 024 039