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Our super speaker (Zoom) for 10am Tuesday June 2

What’s it like to survive a plane crash? Our club’s Zoom speaker at 10am on Tuesday June 2 is new member Milton Dickins (right), who (obviously) has lived to tell the tale to our next fortnightly meeting.

We'll email out the link shortly to members to access the meeting. Like to join us as guest? Email [email protected] to receive the link.
The picture (top) shows the smouldering wreck that minutes before had been a nice-looking Cessna. In June 1997 Milton flew to French Island with friends to scout the old prison farm for a trip for a group of friends in a school touring club he founded in 1993. Whilst taking off on the return trip to Melbourne the single-engined Cessna 177 carrying pilot, Milton and two other passengers raced down the runway and seconds later was at telegraph-pole height. At that point the flight ceased. What happened, how and why we’ll find out only if we join Milton’s superbly illustrated talk on Zoom on June 2.
Who’s Milton, by the way? He’s a CPA and retired business man and importer for nine years of the famous George Foreman Grill. He had the Australian and NZ rights to the product. I'm sure most of you will remember the “Knocking out the Fat” ad with the George Foreman Grill. He continues to be an adventurer extraordinaire. He may drop hints about that in his talk…Be there or be square!