AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

                  Gymea Mens & Ladies Probus Club

                                         (Probus Club of Gymea Inc.)


Who we are: We are a mens and ladies social club which encourages members to:

  •  foster lasting friendships
  •  build self-esteem
  •  help members to enjoy retirement
  •  associate with others of a similar age and interests

We offer you and your partner:

  •  Marvellous day outings
  •  Local coach and overseas holidays
  •  Live theatre 
  •  Walking groups
  •  Golf 
  •  Dining out 
  •  Visits to places of interest 
  •  Guest speakers 
  •  Book sharing library

Probus is non-profit and our group bookings attract excellent discounts.

Click to see our NEWSLETTERS and OUTINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS for details.  

Award winning Retirement Living.    Click this link to:

Click to view all our associated SYLVANIA PROBUS CLUB NEWSLETTERs.  All Gymea Members are encouraged to look seriously at the Sylvania activities and get along.

Also, click HERE to view our archives, etc.  


The famous eight first ladies attend our first meeting as a Mens and Ladies Club, July 2018.