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Activity Groups

There are currently eight activity groups that offer the opportunity to learn new skills, visit new locations, and socialize on a smaller scale.

(a) Book Browsers

Those members who like reading can join the Book Browsers who meet in a member’s home to discuss the book of the month and to chat about other interesting topics.  At general meetings, there is also an opportunity for members to browse, borrow and return books and DVDs which are laid out on a table in the meeting room.


(b) Chat and Chew

This discussion group meets in a member’s home.  A topic for discussion is announced at the general meeting and in the monthly newsletter (The Herald).  Any new member is welcome to join the group and to contribute their thoughts and opinions.



(c) Coffee Group

Another way to get to know club members is via the popular monthly morning coffee ‘get togethers’ in Eltham or nearby cafes. 

(d) Crafty Knitters

This title covers a group who knit items or make other craft projects and who meet every month in the leader’s home.

(e) Getaway Gourmets

You are welcome to join the group of members who dine out once a month in restaurants and bistros in and around Eltham.  These popular occasions are very enjoyable and a good way for new members to meet other club members over a pleasant meal and drink.

(f)  Jazz by the Green

Jazz enthusiasts are welcome to join other members who attend monthly jazz concerts in the rooms of the Eltham Bowling Club, Susan Street, Eltham.  There is a charge for the concerts and group tickets are booked by the leader of this group.

(g) Morning Music

The leader of this group arranges for members to attend concerts performed by the Defence Force School of Music at the Simpson Barracks, Watsonia. 

(h) Movie Club

Members attend a seniors' session of a current movie at Hoyts Greensborough on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of the month. Afterwards, they have a light lunch together.

(j) Theatre and Music Group

The club manages admission to a variety of entertainments such as the Eltham Little Theatre, morning melodies, shows in clubs and hotels, and city productions according to demand.