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Two Dollar Fifty Group

The $2.50 group goes on exciting adventures on the last Friday of every month.We even do overnight trips from time to time.

Each month we send out emails to all members on the upcoming trip.

 $2.50 Outings for 2021: 

$2.50 trips are becoming more popular now that many Covid restrictions have been lifted. There will be plenty of opportunities for members to come to $2.50 trips in 2021. Here are some of the plans.

28th May - We will be going for a short visit to the War Memorial in Hyde Park then onto Paddington for a look at the old reservoir on Oxford St. Lunch can be at the Paddo RSL or the Paddo Pub - both very close. There are other cafes around there as well. We will be leaving Parramatta Station at 9.30am. Please note there is some walking involved. We will walk to the War Memorial from Town Hall Station (about 1km) then catch a bus to Paddington.

24th June & 25th June - Overnight trip to Bowral, leaving Parramatta at 9.45am arriving in Bowral at 12.30pm in time for lunch. We will be staying at the Imperial Motel/Hotel. Dinner will be in the Hotel. We shall depart Bowral at around 10am arriving back in Parramatta about 12.30pm. (Unless you wish to stay longer)

30th July - Another gourmet experience to Cabramatta.


PLEASE NOTE: All Enquiries to Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll is the organiser and can be contacted on Mobile: 0467 091 946 or by email