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Probus Club of Bobbin Head

Our Activities


Our activites are varied and include the following regular monthly outings -

  • Walks to various interesting places around Sydney
  • Dine-outs at many different restaurants offering a variety of cuisines
  • Book club discussion group
  • Technology group to keep up to date with the latest technology issues
  • Outings to a variety of interesting places, e.g. Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor, theatre and Symphony concerts, museum visits as well as tours of some of Sydney's lesser known venues

Annual events include -

  • New Year BBQ
  • Christmas lunch 
  • Thredbo trip each January to enjoy the mountains in the summer
  • Katoomba trip each April incorporating bush walks and much frivolity
  • Four or Five day bus trips to different NSW country areas each year
  • Overseas cruises with fellow Probarians for company