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Important Notice to Members Booking and Attending Club Activities during COVID 19 Restrictions

President's Report

Warmest greetings to all PBH Members!
I hope all members are healthy and keeping safe as well as finding interesting things to do during this most difficult time. The extended lockdown has meant all planned September meetings, events and activities have had to be cancelled. Several planned activities/events and monthly meeting speakers will be rescheduled later this year or next year when we eventually come out of this situation. All refunds have now been paid to the members except for the 
President’s tripdeposits. 

I would like to let all know that the Management Committee is still having its monthly meetings via Zoom and is considering various limited activities for when the fully vaccinated will have slightly reduced restrictions from 13 September. It is uncertain whether the current shutdown will be extended and until more concrete information is provided by the NSW Government, no decision can be made for the October meetings, activities and events. At the appropriate time, an announcement will be made via a newsflash or the October newsletter. Hopefully we will all be back together in time for our November meeting and President’s trip and the Christmas luncheon in early December.


Simon Solomons

 PBH President 2021

Amended Notice to Members attending Club Meetings and Activities during Covid-19


With the recent relaxation of NSW government Covid-19 regulations, the Club has made amendments to its rules for attendance at meetings. Please note that these amendments may change in accordance with the Covid-19 situation in Greater Sydney.

1. Club Meetings

  1. 1.1.  There are no limitations on numbers attending our Club’s monthly meetings and so pre- registration with the Secretary is not required. For those members not planning to attend the monthly meeting, please contact our Secretary, Mentie Knowles.

    1.2.  The PBH Management Committee has unanimously agreed to hold all future monthly meetings in the Turramurra Bowling Club lounge area (big room), where the last few meetings have been held. Entry will not be permitted until after 9.30am and is to be via the main entry door only, unless you have mobility issues in which case, the back door can be used.

    1.3.  Please do not come if you are not well. Wearing of a mask is optional. Hand sanitisers will be available. However, due to current NSW government regulations, members and visitors with mobile phones will need to register their attendance via the QR code (located before the Probus registration desk). Those persons without mobile phones will need to fill out a sheet at the registration desk.

    1.4.  We will be seated at tables, probably of three to four people per table. Moving around the room or mingling with people on other tables during morning tea is now possible.

    1.5.  Morning tea and lunch (lunch cost $12.50) will return to normal. Order and Pay for your lunch as you enter the meeting room with Sue Fairclough.

    1.6.  If you have any questions, please contact Mentie Knowles 0407 945 038.


2. Club Activities/Events

In attending any activity organised by the Club, members and their visitors acknowledge they are responsible for their own state of health and that they attend at their own risk and relevant Probus insurance cover. Please observe the following to maintain a safe environment for you and your fellow attendees during Club activities:

2.1. Everyone intending to attend a Club activity/event must register with the Activity/Event Co-ordinator of the activity/event beforehand so we can maintain an accurate record of attendance, ensure we do not exceed the maximum permissible numbers and also if there is a need to contact you for any reason, either before or following the activity.

Pre-registration is not required for those attending Morning Tea at Hornsby RSL Club although all attendees will be required to enter their names and contact phone numbers on a registration sheet.

2.2. Do not attend the activity if you have tested positive, have recently travelled, are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who is unwell.

2.3. Please ensure that your attendance and contact details have been recorded by the Activity/Event Co-ordinator. In addition, all attending members are to have completed a

PSPL Medical Card (distributed at the March meeting and available at future monthly

meetings for those who have yet to receive one).

 2.4.  Please use hand sanitiser (if available) as you arrive and use safe hygiene practices during the activity/event.

2.5.  Please maintain social distance of 1.5 metres from your fellow attendees at all times.

2.6.  If you become unwell during the activity/event, please inform the Activity/Event Co-ordinator immediately. If you become unwell within 14 days following the activity, please notify the Club President or Secretary as soon as possible.

2.7.  Please observe any additional Covid-19 related health requirements at any venue hosting a Club activity/event as well as any further advice that may be issued from time to time


”Your club intends to ask members to have the Probus Medical Card with them (while attending any Probus meeting or activity) as part of our Risk Management Policy.

We will obtain this card from Probus Head Office and give to each member. This card (when folded) measures only 3 1⁄2 inches x 2 inches (i.e. 9 cms x 5.5 cms) so fits easily in a wallet or purse. Members can fill in their details, and at least other info such as their doctor’s name and phone number and their Emergency Contact’s name and phone number. Quick access to such info is important if some incident/accident/injury occurs.”

New Members

We welcome new members who are keen to expand their activities and friendships. Please join us if you are interested in participating in the Club.