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Be Connected

Build your online confidence with Be Connected.

No matter our age or digital skill level, we can all use a bit of extra help to stay tech savvy.

Whether it’s making sure devices and accounts are set up securely so we don’t unintentionally open them up to scams and other vulnerabilities, staying on top of the latest tech trends, or making sure you stay connected to your loved ones, Be Connected can help. 

Be Connected is a free Australian Government initiative that helps older Australians get the most out of going online. 

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said confidence was sometimes a barrier but Be Connected could help older Australians access digital technology and online services.  

“Be Connected aims to empower all Australians to thrive in a digital world,” she said.

“More and more of our day-to-day interactions are taking place online, from connecting with family and friends, to shopping and accessing essential services.   

"We believe that all Australians, no matter their age or digital skill level, should continue to be connected to the people and things that they love through digital means. 

"This includes being able to shop, connect, create, be entertained and access important online services such as banking, grocery shopping and government services, whether they're at home or in aged care. 

“It’s vital that we work together to equip older Australians with the skills and confidence they need to be part of this digital world.” 

The Be Connected website has hundreds of free resources – including self-paced courses, online presentations, articles, podcasts, and more – to help you keep your online skills sharp and increase your confidence using the internet and digital devices. 

Here’s a sample of what’s available to help you boost your digital skills and make online safety a priority:   

  • step-by-step instructional videos on things like cyber safety essentials and how to improve your online security
  • articles and tips covering everything from how to watch Netflix to how to block emails 
  • podcast episodes that dive into conversations about topics like scams and apps that can improve your life
  • a games section for you to test your memory and tease your brain
  • tip sheets for each course currently available in eight languages. 

There’s so much to discover with Be Connected. Find a wide range of Be Connected resources to improve your online skills at

About Be Connected

Be Connected is an Australian Government initiative implemented in partnership by the Department of Social Services, the eSafety Commissioner and Good Things Foundation Australia, committed to improving the online confidence, skills and safety of older Australians, helping make  the online world a safer, more positive place for us all to enjoy.