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Is a smartwatch a clever idea for you?

Smartwatches have been on shop shelves for 20-plus years. In the last five, these wearable smartphone-like devices have truly come of age, offering an extensive suite of health, fitness, and lifestyle features.

So what if you’ve decided it’s time to add a smartwatch to your wrist? Choose the right one by considering the following key features.


Modern smartwatches utilise various intelligent health technologies, including electrocardiograph software (heart ir/regularities), electrodermal sensors (stress), and body temperature sensors.

The more health-conscious a smartwatch user you intend to be, the more important these health insights are.

If you prize your health data at a glance, keep an eye out for a smartwatch that monitors heart health, calories, stress, blood pressure, body temperature, and sleep.

With the right watch on your wrist, you can significantly improve your overall health awareness.


To choose a fitness-focused smartphone you’ll fully embrace, take stock of your current fitness activity, routines, and goals.

If you’re a distance runner (or planning to be), a GPS-equipped smartphone features in-depth fitness tracking stats that you can see in real-time, or post-workout. And if you like long hikes (the ones that go for days), you’ll want a smartwatch with a battery that goes the distance.

All active smartwatch users will appreciate a smartwatch that includes a quality strap too — fluoroelastomer, for example, fortifies against heat and excessive sweat.

Don’t forget the particular fitness apps you can install for particular watches either. Navigate these to create customised workout plans, and share your progress with fitness friends over social media or SMS.


Smartwatch makers are developing a slew of safety features that offer peace of mind to smartwatch users and their loved ones.

New devices feature incident detection. That means, if an incident is detected, your watch automatically notifies your emergency contacts of your live location.

The new Apple Watch also features car crash detection. In the event of a collision, it can detect the force of a crash and automatically notify emergency services

A smartwatch is an incidental safety device in many ways too. Because it can track changes in your body temperature and pick up heart rate abnormalities, it alerts you when it’s a good time to get in touch with your doctor.


Think of the scenarios where you’d prefer not to carry your phone. Maybe it’s while you’re at the beach, or out walking with friends. With a smartwatch, you can leave your phone behind, but still be reachable or communicative when it matters.

Smartwatches enable you to send and respond to messages in a variety of ways. If traditional text typing isn’t ideal, use voice-to-text, voice recording, emoji, or AI quick responses.

You can also make and receive important calls and emails. That’s so-called PSA (phone separation anxiety) fixed.


First and foremost, the best smartwatch for you depends on your lifestyle. Remember, if you don’t exercise or actively track your exercise activity, there are significantly less benefits to experience in a smartwatch.

For everybody who is considering a smartwatch however, irrespective of their lifestyle, there are universal considerations to make. Budget is a big one, since the price range between smartwatches is wide. Dirt cheap “smartwatches” do exist but miss many important features.

Instead of looking for a cheap smartwatch, look for good value. The new Apple Watch Series 8 ranges between $629-$1,299, but consumers incur that cost for many peripheral feature upgrades.

You might decide it’s a smarter idea to opt for earlier models from leading smartwatch brands. These include many of the core features smartwatch wearers prize, at a fraction of the cost.

And be aware that some smartwatches look fantastic and work fantastically, but might not be especially comfortable. Factors that affect your watch’s wearability include the size of the watch face and the band material.

Choosing your smartwatch is a significant decision. Done well, it’s a decision you can be satisfied with for a long time.