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How can help retirees combat loneliness this festive season


As the festive season approaches, it's a time for giving, reflection, and embracing community spirit. For retirees, this period presents a unique opportunity to engage with a social enterprise that's making a significant impact in our communities – This innovative organisation is not just about offering tech help; it's a beacon of intergenerational connection and learning., a certified social enterprise, has been instrumental in bridging the gap between tech-savvy youngsters and experienced older adults. Their mission is simple yet profound: to combat loneliness among the youth and elderly while empowering the next generation with vital life and employability skills. Through their free tech-help sessions in public spaces and personalised assistance at home, they allow generations to learn from each other.

During a session you’ll work with an individual Youngster to learn about everyday technology, such as using an app on your phone, doing video calls or even connecting on social media. Their sessions are personalised to address your specific needs, and can also be used to fix problems you might have with your phone or computer.

As Marie, one of their senior participants said at the end of her session with local youngster Nathan "Sitting down one on one with somebody, who is doing nothing else but addressing your needs and listening to you, and getting them all fixed up – that’s wonderful."

For retirees, partnering with isn't just an opportunity for tech support—it's an investment in the future. Your participation contributes significantly to providing crucial work experience for local youngsters, setting them on a path to success.

Special offer for Active Retirees subscribers, enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on personalised one-on-one tech sessions. This initiative is more than just a service; it's a chance to leave a lasting legacy in the community.

As we approach the holiday season, clubs and businesses also have an opportunity to host these enriching intergenerational sessions. By becoming a host, you're not only supporting a unique learning environment but also demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. It's a chance to show that the spirit of Christmas is about more than just gifts; it's about connection, learning, and support.

Contact today at 1300 77 47 11 or through their live chat feature on to be part of this rewarding journey. Remember, by participating in this initiative, you're not just getting tech help; you're helping to shape a brighter, more connected future for our community.