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Food to your door

Food to your door 

From fast food to your weekly grocery shop, there are so many options to have your food delivered to you.

The growth of technology means it has never been easier to get things delivered to your door, from the weekly shopping to a special-occasion meal from a local restaurant.

Whether you are having trouble getting to the shops, recovering from an injury or just need a break from the grind of the supermarket, we look at what is on offer for you.

The online supermarket

Getting your groceries delivered to your home is not new, but the sophistication of the offering has grown over time. It’s now extremely easy to do an online shop and have it brought to you, sometimes as quickly as within the hour (though some additional costs will apply).

Looking at both the major chains, Coles and Woolworths, each offers an online shopping option. Each site is a bit different, but the navigation is pretty easy with your shop split into various categories and subcategories. You can even follow recipes provided by them.

There is an on-sale section to help you shop for bargains with some specials for online shoppers only. And you can save your regular shop as a list so you don’t have to chase each item when you go online again.

Payment is primarily with credit card, but there are other electronic payment options. At the end of your shop you get a neat summary of your purchases, how much you’ve saved, and you can even collect whatever trinket the stores are currently shilling.

Pros and cons

The big pro is obviously the convenience of not having to schlep to the supermarket. There’s also the special online offers and the ease of ordering. But you have to be careful.

You need to stick to just buying what you need, because “eye level is buy level” still applies online and the supermarkets will put a lot of extras in your way to tempt you. When it comes to fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, you don’t get to pick them yourself, so you never know what you might get. And if an item isn’t available, you can ask for a substitute brand – but you have no control over what you might get. Delivery times vary, but are usually most flexible during the day, so that aids retirees.

Restaurants on wheels

We’ve all heard of meals on wheels, but in 2019 most of the restaurants near you will be aligned with an app like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. You can have just about anything delivered to you these days. However, unlike meals on wheels, this is really a special-occasion option for retirees, as many of us cannot afford to eat out at a restaurant every night.
But it’s good to know it’s there.

Pros and cons

Again, it is really convenience that is key here, and if you have family over or just can’t make dinner for a friend, this is a very convenient way to get a great hot meal. Simply sign up to the service, input your credit card and away you go.

The main con is price. It’s not a cheap option, but okay for a splurge.

In short, for those who need help at home, the advancement of supermarket delivery services is a very important tool for seniors to remain in their home. But like when you physically shop, buying smart is still key. And, for a once-off, you will be amazed at the range of hot food you can get delivered.