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5 lifestyle challenges solved by wireless technology

Whether you’re focused on health, safety, security, convenience or entertainment, these connected devices could become game-changers.

Leading an active lifestyle in retirement means looking after yourself while making everyday activities as easy as possible. The less time spent dealing with chores and challenges, the more time you have for fun, freedom, friends and family.

That’s where the ongoing evolution of smart products and smartphone apps comes into play. These days connected devices can help you do just about anything better. Here are five lifestyle challenges solved by wireless technology. 


Increased health issues are often an unfortunate reality of ageing. But being aware of the risks doesn’t have to mean constant trips to your GP or consultations with healthcare professionals.

Remote health monitoring solutions are changing the way we look after ourselves. For example, wearable ECG heart monitors allow older people to self-test their own heart health, while continuous glucose monitoring systems help diabetes patients check their own blood sugar levels on the go.

The key to these smart telehealth platforms is medical teams being able to not only monitor individual home patients from a hospital, but receive automatic notifications of important changes to a patient’s health status. This means your health is in good hands even when you’re out and about or at home alone. 


You deserve to enjoy your retirement years living independently with confidence.

Whether you’re worried about the risk of falls, suddenly feeling unwell, an unexpected altercation or being caught in any precarious situations as you go about your active life, personal safety devices like SureSafe ensure you’ll be connected to the world whenever an emergency strikes.

Wherever you are at the time, these wearable panic alarms are designed to alert your loved ones or caregivers of potential distress at the literal push of a button. If peace of mind is what you’re looking for, it might be time to press the panic button in advance. 


Home security is an important concern at any age, but particularly so as you get older and feel more vulnerable to the threat of break-ins or unwanted arrivals.

The good news is that modern home security systems – such as ADACS Residential, ADT Security, Ring and many more – are simple to set up and use regardless of technical skills. There’s no need to feel anxious or defenceless on your own property when you can install (or arrange a professional installation of) smart door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, video doorbells, high-decibel alarms and other devices to control and monitor from a user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet.

With endless options available, you can start with some basic research or by speaking to friends and family members about the different solutions available.  


Find yourself occasionally losing track of personal belongings like your keys, bag, purse or wallet? It can happen to anyone, but there’s a rather convenient fix to this ongoing challenge – wireless asset trackers!

Gone are the days of misplacing something important and spending hours retracing your steps in a futile effort to work out where you left it; now you simply attach a small tracking device like the Chipolo ONE to any valuables and locate their whereabouts using an associated smartphone app.

Many products even feature audio and vibration alerts to help once you’re in close proximity to your lost item. 


Speech recognition technology and wireless connectivity can work together to perform all sorts of tasks on command. By combining voice-activated and controlled speakers with fully programmable services, the latest smart home automation systems help streamline your everyday life.

It’s easier than ever before to play music, check weather forecasts, access news and information, make and receive calls, set timers and alarms (for example, to take medications), or control different smart devices such as light bulbs, thermostats and kitchen appliances.

Popular smart home ecosystems include Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and Apple HomeKit.