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  • Probus Club of Toondah Inc


Probus Club of Toondah Inc.


Probus clubs were the brainchild of Rotary and the formation of our Club in August 1989 was sponsored by the Cleveland Rotary Club.  The first formal meeting of Toondah Probus was held in Cleveland on 12 October 1989.  People outside of the Redlands are sometimes baffled by the name “Toondah” but locals know it is the name of a local harbour.  The harbour was named after the steamer “Toondah” which was used to survey and beacon channels in Moreton Bay.

Combined Club

During 2017 the Club Committee was charged by the members with developing procedures to convert the Toondah Club from a men only club to a combined club. As established, the Toondah Club was formed with male members.  Single sex clubs were common for Probus clubs at that time, but throughout the Toondah Club’s history, member’s wives, partners and widows have always been welcomed at all events and they have always been supportive and contributed significantly to Club activities.  The change to a combined club was effected at the 2018 Annual General Meeting and most of the wives, partners and widows are now Members.

Meetings & Social Events

Over the years the meeting venue has changed to meet the needs of the members, but the Probus Club focus on Friendship, Fellowship and Fun remains our constant goal.

  •  Monthly General meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month starting at 9:30am in the Gallipoli Room at the Cleveland RSL Club, 8 Passage Street, Cleveland.  Each meeting includes reports of activities, morning tea, a cameo talk by a member, and an interesting guest speaker.  Many Members then lunch together in the RSL Club dining room.
  • Outings: Day trips and short overnight trips (two nights to a week) are organised for members and friends, occasionally in cooperation with other Redlands Probus clubs which offers an even broader social network for Toondah Members.  There are regular outings to various theatre productions.


Joining Fee $15, Annual Membership $25, door entry at General Meetings $6


For more information contact Peter Ludlow, Toondah's  Publicity Officer, on 0438343791 or email: [email protected]