AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

Activities – What the Club provides:

Activities Group Coordinator: Mark McCaughtrie  Mob: 0414 193 761


Like minded members of the club have formed  special interest groups to allow them to pursue their interests outside the club's normal meeting times. If you are interested in any of the following special interest groups please contact the appropriate Coordinator listed below:

With the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, some of our Probus Group Activities are keen to restart.

Please see below for any current advice on the status of the various group activities.

Barefoot Bowls: Henry Urbanski Mob: 0439 928 001

Sessions will be held on the last Monday of each month at Club Thirroul commencing at 10.30am and ending by 12.30pm, depending upon numbers. All are encouraged to stay for dinner afterwards. 

Further information from coordinator Henry Urbanski 0439 928 001

Book Club: Sharon Hay  Mob: 0422 139 970

The Book Club will meet on the last Monday of the month, at 10.30 am, at Martin Place Coffee Shop Thirroul.

The Book Club has changed the future format of their meetings. There are so many titles members are keen to read, that it was suggested that members read the book of their choice and then speak for a few minutes about their chosen book at the next meeting. Below is a list of books either recommended by members or via online book reviews:

Suggested book list

Contact Coordinator Sharon Hay

Caravan & Camping Group: Rodd Smith  Mob: 0468 637 232  and

                                              Mark Bryce  Mob: 0433 014 526


THE CARRINGTON HOTEL - contact no. 4782 1111.... 10/08/2021 TO 13/08/2021 or whatever suits - 
(continental breakfast is included)
RATES: Colonial Room $540 for 3 nights (internal ensuite)
              Traditional Room $420 for 3 nights ( external private ensuite)
              Premium Room $720....must have a solid gold toilet seat
We will be having High Tea at the historic 'Hydro Majestic' and a history tour of the hotel.
Once I have the numbers I will try to book the historic 'Pins on Lurline' restaurant as well.
So many activities in the mountains it should be a great few days.
The hotel asked that we ring direcly and they will give us a group discount and seat us together for breakfast - just mention Thirroul Probus.


BERMAGUI REFLECTIONS CARAVAN PARK - contact no. 6493 4382 ....18/10/2021 TO 21/10/2021 or whatever suits.
Breakfast supplied by Mike and Gayle in their motorhome.......if they make it !!!
RATES:  Powered site $156 for 4 nights.
             Cabins between $114 to $135 A NIGHT.
ALSO you will get a $25 discount on your booking if you join the REFLECTIONS REWARDS CLUB, mention this when booking.
PLEASE MENTION AT TIME OF BOOKING that you are with Thirroul Probus and they will group us together.
Lots of activities planned -  river cruise, gold mining historical walk, walks, bike riding, restaurants or read a book....whatever takes your fancy.
A BIG FAVOUR....please advise me when you have booked so I can book any tours or restaurants, otherwise it would be a shame to miss out.
Thank you 
Mark Bryce .......[email protected]

Further information available from the coordinators Rodd Smith and Mark Bryce.

Cycling & Swimming Group: Rodd Smith  Mob: 0468 637 232

This group will be meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Further information available from the coordinator Rodd Smith.

Dining Out Group: Angie Penhallow  Mob: 0416 613 430   and

                               Dee Kwong  Mob: 0403 240 457

Small Group Dining Program

June is curry month Some like it hot at Shahi Aroma (next door to Franco Pizza Bar) -

June 10 - John is looking for a host for this evening. If you would like to assist please contact John on 0419 230 787

June 17 - John and Angie Penhallow will be hosts and already have a full table

June 24 - Mary Ellen & Glenn Durrance will be hosting - call Glenn on 0419 260 770 to book in

The following month (July) it’s on to the Old Siam on McCauley St for a Thai Curry -

July 16 - John and Angie Penhallow will be hosting - call John on 0419 230 787

July 22 - John is looking for a host for this evening. If you would like to assist please contact John on 0419 230 787

July 29 - Wendy McKay will be hosting - call Wendy on 0401 079 025

“Hosting” does not mean you pay for everyone’s dinner! You just take on the responsibility of booking the table, contact some likely companions and reminding those who are joining you by email the previous day to the dinner date - that’s all. Take the plunge and have dinner with other members to get to know them a bit better!
Contact John Penhallow (0419 230 787) if you want to host on any of these evenings.
These small group nights are great for getting to know other members a little better and with a different Restaurant of the Month we can support our local businesses on a quieter night than their weekend nights.

Buzzer Lunch Break at Woonona Bulli RSL Club

Date: Monday, 21st June 2021

Location: Woonona Bulli RSL Club, 455 Princes Hwy, Woonona
Time: 12.00 mid-day 
If you would like to put your name/s down for this lunch, please contact Angie Penhallow – 0416 613 430 or email [email protected]

Golf Group: John Harris  Mob: 0419 141 842

Our Thirroul Probus golf group is in the process of organising a golf day for Probus members.

The day is open to any member interested in a game of golf and the details are as follows:-
Date - 21st June 2021 (Monday) 
Venue -   Russell Vale golf course
               Hicks Street, Russell Vale
Tee off time - 8am
Cost - $14 each (payable to the golf club)
If you would like to join us on the day please contact
John Harris on 0419 141 842 or Kevin Costelloe on 0407 920 883 for details.

Thanking you and hope to see you on the day.

John Harris
Golf Co-ordinator

Social/Coffee Group: Chris Hay  Mob: 0402 555 718

Will meet at the Pavilion Café at Thirroul Beach at 10.00 am, on the last Monday of each month.

Contact Coordinator Chris Hay

Theatre/Movie Group: John Penhallow  Mob: 0419 230 787

A message from John Penhallow.........

I have heard back from Ticketmaster Groups this morning and they appear have tightened up their rules since I booked the tickets for Pippin last December. They will only hold what they call "A Reserve" Seats for Groups, which I take to mean the dearest seats in the stalls at $149.00 each. So that knocks our group purchase plan out. 

Looking at the $109ea Mezzanine Level Seats, they have been filling up fast so I would suggest that anyone wishing to go to jump on their computer and book their own tickets straight away! We can still meet up at the train station and travel up and do the show as a group. Here’s the link for tickets:

It’s even worse for Hamilton - they aren’t even doing any group deals for 10+ peeps! What’s more there’s no $110 or $150 seats left for this matinee show on August the 15th - only $200 ones. So I checked for the first Sunday with cheaper seats available and its August 29 at 1pm but you will have to be quick as they do sell out first. There are some at the back of the Dress Circle at $150.00 but quite a few of both prices up in the Grand Circle shown below. Here’s the link to book your own and again, we can all meet at Thirroul to take the train up together.

The blue dots represent seats available at the time of writing 4:30 on Thursday 13th June.

I’m sorry it took so long to get this info back from Ticketmaster and on to you - but please let me know if you decide to go on either of the two dates above and I’ll keep a note of who’s going where. 

Right - I’m going to book our tickets now!

See you soon,

[email protected]
0419 230 787


Trivia Group: Lynne Harris  Mob: 0425 307 771

The next Trivia Night will be on Wednesday 16th June from 7pm to 9.30pm. It is a fun night and the members who have participated in the last couple have said that they really enjoyed themselves. So come along and join us for the next trivia night, it is all about enjoying yourself and the company of other members in the challenge of finding answers to trivia ! Just send an email to [email protected] with the names of those attending so I can register our tables. 
So we can ensure that our numbers are spread more evenly across our tables this time, I will allocate you a table number and there will be a sign and list on our tables for you to check when you arrive. 
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Lynne Harris


Walking Group: Teresa Urbanski  Mob: 0405 034 296

Our next Probus walk will be on Friday 25th June.

This will be a leisurely walk from Illawarra Yacht Club, along the foreshore of Lake Illawarra.

Further information is available from coordinator Teresa Urbanski on 0405 034 296.