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Club Committee

The following members form our committee for 2020-2021:

President Julie Vomero  

Vice President   &
Guest Speaker

Rod Campbell-Fraser

Secretary Yvonne Lockwood             
Assistant Secretary Betty Neville  
Treasurer Ian Murton  
Assistant Treasurer           John Wallis  
 Newsletter Pat Cartwright  
 Trips & Tours  

Kaye Jenkin

Membership Sue McDonald
 Welfare Jan Spiden
 Meet & Greet Colleen Cameron  



Club Sub-Committees

The following members chair/manage our sub-committees:

Caravan and Cabin Chris Kelly & David Wright

Gardens Jan Baker

Golf John Conley

Theatre Judith Middlemass

Historian David Wright & Ralph Green

Walks Geoff Cartwright

Meet & Greet Assistants Shirley Kelly & Lyn Lighton

Act Secretary Yvonne Lockwood

Technical Officer Geoff Cartwright

Website Manager: Chris Kelly


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