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So you have been advised the NBN is available

The ISP you arrange your service with will be responsible for the installation of the NBN internal equipment.

  1. You now need to contact an Internet or Phone service provider. Most of us will probably use their current ISP. You will probably have your ISP contacting you to sell you the NBN package.

  2. You will need to sign up to a plan that provides for the Internet and telephone bundled together. Your ISP will become your phone service supplier and will have a range of plans.

  3. One decision you will need to address is what speed you want.

  4. Speed will be determined by the type of connection NBN supplies; What the ISP offers; What you are prepared to pay for high speeds. Starting with what you do with the internet. Just search for information, no heavy downloads, no streaming of audio or video; you will most likely just want the base speed of the service. Big downloads. Streaming video many users on line then you may well want one of the higher speeds.

  5. The initial connection from the external NBN box to the location of the internal NBN modem will be done by the ISP.

  6. The ISP will also install the gateway/router and connect it to the modem. The ISP will also connect the phone line to the modem. This will possibly have limits on cable run and difficulty, without extra cost for “special” cabling to a distant location (may be in beyond 20 feet).

  7. The installing technician should set up the equipment and leave it working for you supplying internet and phone services.