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Fibre to the Node (FTTN) this brings the Fibre Optic Cable to a Node, or a street cabinet near your home. The connection to you home will use the existing copper wire lines to connect the street cabinet fibre to your home. This probably the poorest connection.


 This is a typical equipment layout

 The Fibre Optic cable is terminated in a street box and then connected to the existing copper cables running to your house. It will terminate in a wall outlet similar to the existing telephone entry.

The internal equipment will be installed by you ISP. It will be a modem which is connected by telephone wires to the wall outlet. The modem needs a power supply, so a power out let needs to be near or one installed (additional cost).

The modem is much like your existing one in that it will be a modem (connecting to the NBN) and it will be a wireless / router with ports so you can connect your computer mobile devices TV or similar equipment that uses your local area network. It may have additional ports to let you hardwire devices on the network or use wireless for connections.

The modem also has ports for connecting your telephone to the NBN.

If the phone is some distance you may find that the ISP will not do that connection. In that case you will need to get a licenced cable layer to do it for you. Most electricians hold that licence.

This link is to the NBN

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