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The Redlands Bayside Probus Club has a new, stylish banner which was created by Julianne Whitehead who belongs to the local Smart Arts textile group. Julianne says:

"(Secretary) Andrew asked me to create a new banner and in preparation for making this, I tried to research the meaning of the elements of the Probus logo. I was unable to find this information so these are my thoughts on the meaning of the Probus logo.

The main element is round and the colours of blue and yellow/gold are often used to represent the sun, sky and water of the world. The 'P' of Probus is central. Around this are what appear to be cogs of a wheel- different to Rotary. Each cog in the wheel is unique and this, to me, represents the uniqueness and individuality of each member of the club. On the right hand side is a partial cog and I can only surmise what that means.

Beneath the word Probus, I like to think there are missing cogs. These represent the wonderful members who have built our club in the past and are no longer with us.

The border edging uses a wheel motif and has been machine embroidered. The wheel captures the essence of the logo along with the wheel spokes and circles – all essential for growing and moving forward.

It is my pleasure and privilege to present this banner to the Redland Bayside Probus club."

Julianne Whitehead, May 2016