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PLEASE NOTE: The following information describes the normal situation, but we are flexible and our plans sometimes alter from what is described.

Any member or prospective member who is interested can attend these activities.

Coffee Mornings

These happen at 10:30 on the first Monday of the month.

Some venues include: Fork and Flower, Botanical on Ryrie, At The Heads, The Dunes, Van Loons, Daniels Doughnuts, The Paddock, Ollie's, RORO

Cards/Games Afternoon

These occur every second month, alternating with the Music Night month. They are held on the second Monday.
Various card and board games are played depending on who and what is available.

Club Dinner

Members meet for dinner at the Leopold Sportsmans Club at 6:30pm on the second THURSDAY of each month.

Music Night

These occur every second month, alternating with the Cards/Games Afternoon month. They are held on the evening of the second Monday.

We usually watch music videos, which can be quite varied, followed by a generous supper.

Singing Group

Some of our members belong to a group called "The Bellarine Singers".
This is a combined Probus group.

They meet at the Uniting Church in Leopold at 9:45 each Thursday.

Sometimes they travel to local nursing homes in the afternoons and give performances.

In November the singers performed at Seaview Manor.

Book Club

The book club meets on the first Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon. There is lively discussion followed by a cuppa. Readers give the book a score from 0 to 10. Members take turns to host.

Golf Group

Some of our members choose to meet up for golf at Queenscliff on Tuesday and Friday each week.