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Links to these documents are provided for members to provide background information and understanding of how the Club is managed.

Probus South Pacific produces a Handbook which provides guidelines for the operation of Probus Clubs:


The Club is an incorporated body under SA Legislation, and has adopted the following constition, which is modlled on the information contained in the abovementioned handbook: HAPPY_VALLEY_-_Constitution.pdf

At this time (early 2020) the Club has determined that we do not want to have a detailed set of By-Laws, and as allowed in the Constituion, we will rely on Standing Resolutions that may be passed at General Meetings of the Club. The Club Secretary should be able to provide any member with a copy of the Standing Resolutions that have been passed.

Membership Application

A membership application form (in PDF format) may be downloaded by clicking on the following link:


Please contact the Club (see "Contact Us" tab on the left) for any assistance in completing the form.