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Forest-Belrose Probus Club

Interest Groups


Our club has formed several 'Interest Groups' that have a particular social focus on activities, interests, hobbies etc. that are outside the scope of the club's principal mainstream activities.

All that is required to establish an 'Interest Group' is for a member to take responsibility for co-ordinating the group, a willingness to engage / invite others to join the group and a preparedness to submit a short report each month for inclusion in the club newsletter and for publishing on this website.

For example, there may be club members who might be interested in playing bridge, canasta, or other card games on a regular basis. Other members may have an interest in travelling around parts of Australia with like minded members and others again might have an interest in films, the theatre or other forms of light entertainment and may wish to establish an interest group to cater for these pastimes. Other interest groups might include a 'book review group', 'coffee club', or 'footy followers club', the list is endless. 

The following Interest Groups have been formed:- 

Food and Wine Group:-

Contact Terry Waterer, Tel:- 9451 0328; Email [email protected]

Movie Goers Group:-

Contact Judy Fuller, Tel:- 9451 9000; [email protected]
Rhondda Lidgard Tel:- 9948 6532; [email protected]

Men's Breakfast:-

Contact Tim O'Sullivan, Tel:- 9451 9968; [email protected]