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Como Combined Probus Club Inc. currently has approximately 62 members, with the ceiling recently increased to 100 members.

Before an application for membership can be lodged, interested persons must attend at least one General Meeting.  In addition, prospective members may attend a further two CCPC functions (meetings or social activities) making a total of no more than three attendances, after which they must either apply to join or cease attending. 

Application forms are available at each meeting or by contacting our Membership Officer.

Each completed application is considered by the Management Committee at the next available Management Committee Meeting.

Membership is completed following acceptance of your application form (s) by the Committee and your subsequent payment of the relevant fees.  A one-off Joining Fee of $30.00 is payable.  The membership fee is $60.00 for a full year, otherwise pro rata fees will apply.  The Probus year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

You will be inducted into the club and presented with your Probus badge and membership kit at the next available General Meeting following the payment of fees.  You will be invited to introduce yourself to other members by way of a short presentation.

We welcome all enquiries about membership of the Como Combined Probus Club Inc.