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Guest Speakers

19 February Anthea Hodgon on her book "The War Nurses"
15 January Ian Deany on Canal Boating in Europe



20 November  Greg Hebble, CEO from Wheelchairs for Kids
18 September Sandra Harris Ramini "My Crazy Life and Times"
17 July  Dr Bob Mead – Catching a Cold Case Killer
15 May Dr Ian MacLeod, Executive Director of Fremantle Museums and Collections
17 April Geoffrey Thomas re the MH370 Disaster
 20 February Dr Bill Edgar History of Convicts in WA


21 November  Alan Naber:  Walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela
17 October  Dr Sheila: Twine Leap of Faith - Stories of two women who married and lived in Jordan in the 1970s
19 September Michelle Stephenson, People and Engagement Manager at Samaritans