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Probus Club of Carseldine Queensland

 A brief History of our Club

Early in 1990 the Rotary Club of Aspley called a meeting with a view to forming a second Probus club in the Aspley area.  At this meeting it was resolved that a new mixed Club be formed known as the Probus Club of Carseldine.

The first meeting of the provisional club was held on 9 April 1990, the 31 members present becoming the Foundation Members of the Club.  Probus South Pacific Limited accredited the new club on 4 May 1990.

It had been resolved that the Probus Club of Carseldine should become an incorporated body under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act and the club was incorporated on 3 October 1990.

The membership limit was set initially at 60 and this was increased over the years to 100 members. Following a change in 2019 the membership limit is now determined annually at the Club's AGM by the General Membership. 

The Club currently has vacancies for interested prospective members. For more information phone 3263 2908.