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A club catering for the social, intellectual and cultural needs of retired or semi-retired men in the Balnarring, Somers and surrounding areas.     

                            2020-21 COMMITTEE



Secretary/Public Officer 


Daryl Cowen

Dennis Paskins

Harold Weber

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5983 2952

5983 1757


 Vice President

 I P President


 Roger James

 Brian Bailey

 Derek Grout

 5983 2940

 5983 3521

 0417 545 587



  Communications / Newsletter


      Bob Chynoweth

            Rob Walker

             Carlo Orlando

        5983 2232

             5983 5159

               5983 2099


                            NON-COMMITTEE OFFICE BEARERS





      Ray McCutcheon

                 Rob Oram

           Roger Price

          5983 1092         

                5931 3797            

            5983 2006                  






      Eric Kings          

Col Randall

Bruce Margetts 

      Jay Nagl              

Ron Deane

† Col Saunders     † Stan Byrne    † John Hart-Davies















                                President’s report 2019-20

                                          Brian Bailey

I would like to thank all the members for the honour of being President of our Club.

During the past 12 months, four of our members and one past member passed away. They were: Roger Neave, Rod Harris, Ern Robson, Barrie Wade & David Wilcox (past member). We had five resignations – Alastair McDonald, John Smith, Michael Raynor, Brendan O’Kane(moved to inactive) & Henry Broadbent. The majority of these of these resignations were bought on by relocation and ill health.

On the positive side we have added 2 new members- Harold Gent & Rob Brewer. That would make a nett reduction in membership of 6 bringing our total membership to 77.

I would like to thank Secretary Dennis Paskins who has been an invaluable help. This was Dennis’ first year as Secretary and he has been a great support.

Our speaker seeker, Bob Chynoweth who also experienced his first year in the job –I think that you would all agree the standard of speakers we have had over the year has been outstanding. As I have said before, the speakers help so much with the enjoyment of the meetings. Bob has done a great job and will continue on next year.

Daryl has been our Vice President, Welfare Officer and has mostly been our First Aid Officer at General Meetings. Thank you for your efficiency and effectiveness over the year.

Roger James has been very much involved with our Club Promotion Group. He is always there to assist and I thank him for that. Roger will be our new Dine Out Co-ordinator, Money Matters Co-ordinator and Vice President for the coming year.

Derek Grout has also been supportive and will take over as Welfare Officer for the coming year. Thank you Derek.

Rob Walker also joined the Committee this year with the main purpose of producing the Newsletter. He has also done an excellent job. His role in the coming year will be expanded with him taking over the role of webmaster!

Brian Evans has been our Treasurer for the past 11 years. Brian has done a magnificent job. Eleven year’s service is beyond the normal call of duty. He has carried out the role with a smile on his face, a joke here and there and a red hat on his head! His effort has been fantastic. Brian is not continuing and will be replaced by Harold Weber.

Tony Duboudin joined the Committee in 2015. Firstly he was our speaker seeker and then was President for 2 years, more than anyone else in the Club’s history. I thank him for his service to our Club.

Roger Price is also leaving the Committee. Roger has been with us for 7 years. During that time he set up our website thus providing our information to all sections of the community. He has had many roles in that time including part of the Club Promotion group, MCed the Christmas Lunches, marking down attendees at our General Meetings, etc. Roger has had a role in many of our functions.

I would like thank Ray McCutcheon for his continuing service to the club with Big Boys Business being so successful. BBB outings are one of the things that make our club special and helps attract new members. Ray has also done an enormous amount of work as our membership secretary. Thank you Ray.

Rob Oram has provided us with tea & coffee at our General Meetings. Rob has carried out this role for many years. Thank you Rob.

Richard Reeves was our Dine Out Coordinator which he has been for many years. Poor health has forced Richard to resign from that role. I would like to thank him for his efforts over the years.

Jeremy Grant has been our long term reviewer. Thank you for your continued and valuable service.

I would also like to thank Barry Merton for his write ups of our speakers in the Newsletter. Barry has been performing this role at least since I joined the Club about 10 years ago. Poor health has meant that Barry has had to step down from the role. I thank him for his great work.

I would also like to thank Ron Deane and his merry men. The choir has always been a very important part of our Club and they continue to entertain us.

Max Hem and the Happy Snappers provide regular photo displays which has become a regular part of our meetings. I’m sure this is greatly appreciated by all members.

Like all clubs we depend on the dedication and work of a number of members who give up their time to run our activity groups, etc. I trust I haven’t left anyone deserving out! Please join me in thanking all of these club officers for their tireless work.