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Special Activities

See our Acitvities Director for details of Special Activities for each month


Regular Activity Groups

Book Group

Meets Third Tuesday

The next meeting of the Book Group will be Tuesday 17th April, at 10 am, at the home of PeterHume, 20 Parry Court Mornington.We will continue to meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 10 am when we will be presenting,sharing, and discussing books we have read. We will probably have four set books this year, so ifyou are interested in joining the group and want to have input into what those books are, come andjoin in. We will discuss our first set book, “A Long Way From Home” by Peter Carey, at thismonth's meeting.If you enjoy reading, come and share your books/thoughts with us. Prospective and new memberswelcome.Convenor – Brian Pinder

Convenor – Brian Pinder

Book Swap

At each General Meeting

The ‘Book Swap Table’  is in enthusiastic operation at each meeting. More books are welcome.

Convenor – Wally Cato

Caravan and Cabin Group

The Group travels to 2 different sites each year. Attendees either stay in cabins or bring their own caravans.

Convenors: Graeme Dowley, James Visser, Brian Adams 


Regular "Cooking for Dummies" classes are held.

Convenor: Ross Rufford-Sharpe


Regular golf events are held.

Convenors: Les Kerr and John Ryder


Footy Tipping Competitions are held each year

Convenor: Colin Clark

Investment Group

Meets 2:00pm on the first Monday following the General Meeting

Convenor - David Tredinnick and Barry Steggall

Music Appreciation Group

Meets 9:30am Thursday week ( 9 days )  after the  Monthly General Meeting.  All genres of music are included.
All welcome. 

A few of the members enjoying a morning tea/coffee break

Convenor - Graham Seager and Peter Hume

Painting Group

Meets 9.00am second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Room 5 at Mt Martha House.

Come along for a relaxed, creative morning. Bring your paints and your current project or just come along and join in.

Convenor: Rod Symmons.

Table Tennis

Meets 1:00 pm every Monday.

Room 18 Mt Martha House. New players and visitors most welcome. Contribution $4.

Convenor – Ross Rufford-Sharpe


Meets Thursdays at 9.00am  and  8.45am Wednesdays 

Social tennis at private tennis courts in Mount Martha. followed by afternoon or morning tea.

All standards of tennis players (past and present) are welcome. Contribution $2 Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Convenor:  Rod Davies

Walking Group

Meets 0830 every Monday

On the Monday following our monthly General Meeting, the group meets for a walk in Mornington commencing 0830 at the car park, corner of the Esplanade and Vancouver St. For those who wish to, this will be followed by breakfast with our coffee.

On all other Mondays, unless otherwise advised, we meet at the Mt Martha Village Green carpark at 8:30 am sharp for a gentle one hour walk followed, if desired, by a cuppa at a local coffee shop. A half hour walk is also available. Any and all members are welcome to come along.

Convenor: Bruce Badenhop

Wine Appreciation Group (WAGs)

Meets four or five times a year to sample a range of wines or sometimes beers or other beverages

Convenor: Brian Adams