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Digestive health with Bickford’s

Many people underestimate just how important good digestive health is to our overall wellbeing.

There are believed to be many contributing factors that affect your digestion and it’s important to understand what works for your body. It could be assumed that at some point in your life you have experienced some form of discomfort in your gut, or had issues with your digestion and the team at Bickford’s range of products which are believed to aid digestive health and stimulate regular bowel movement.

Bickford’s is one of Australia’s oldest and most treasured brands, founded over 175 years ago, they remain an Australian family owned and managed business, with their head office and operations based in Adelaide. Nationally renowned for their premium cordials, Bickford’s have been producing premium juices for over two decades focussing on fruits with functional benefits that taste delicious.    

Believed to be the golden ticket to good digestive health, Prune juice is known for its very high Vitamin C content and high level of anti-oxidants. Due to their high fibre content, prunes are commonly recognized for their natural laxative effect and are used to supplement healthy bowels. Not only is prune juice great for your digestive system, studies have also found that prune juice may reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect against emphysema. Packed with vitamins, calcium, magnesium and more, it could be said that a glass of prune juice a day will help to keep the doctor away.

Generally when people think digestive health, prune juice seems to ring alarm bells, but what many people do not know is that pears have a very similar effect on the body. Much like prunes, pears are known to be a good source of Vitamin C and are also very high in antioxidants, stimulating your bowels to aid discomfort and constipation. Not only are they known to support regular bowel movement, extensive studies have indicated that this green super fruit may lower your cholesterol and help build your immune system. Talk about flavour with function.

While maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime is not easy for everyone, it is important to make the right choices now and fuel your body with nutrient dense foods. Bickford’s prune and pear juices contain 100% juice content and are loaded with all the good stuff your body will thank you for. Keep your bowels happy with a glass of Bickford’s Prune or Pear juice, available in Coles, Woolworths and all good independent retailers.   


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