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Why e-bikes can be a fun way to exercise outdoors

It’s time to get on your e-bike! Electric bikes are a great way to see the sights, and despite the extra pedal assistance you’re getting health and fitness benefits as well.

You may have the mistaken belief that e-bikes are bikes for exercise cheats. But any activity that gets us outdoors and moving can be great for health and wellbeing. Electric bikes are certainly no exception. 


Before we travel any further, let’s quickly explain the difference between an e-bike and a regular bicycle. Generally speaking, e-bikes are powered by a battery. When you push the pedals, a small motor engages and provides a boost to your pedal power. It’s a simple enough concept, and it comes with a number of advantages. An obvious one is that it takes less exertion to get you up a hill, bringing all sorts of destinations into the mix. You’ll even find your regular commute to the shops or social events will become much easier – and probably more fun in the process.


Riding an e-bike does require some effort on your part, meaning benefits in the form of moderate exercise – which we know can improve cardiovascular health and muscle tone. Exercise also reduces stress and increases fitness levels, both of which are vital throughout every stage of life.

An under-rated aspect of purchasing an e-bike is that it can potentially increase your enjoyment of riding, so that you’re more likely to ride more often. Over time this can have a further positive impact on your fitness. If you have particular health concerns, it can be difficult to find the right type of exercise. Given most e-bike models have several levels of electric assistance, you can make the necessary adjustments to suit your needs.

Most e-bikes are heavier and more complex than traditional bikes, so it’s a good idea to have a bike shop inspect and tune your bike on regular basis. And remember, it makes sense to start slowly by practising on a light traffic route until you feel sufficiently confident. Select the right assistance level on your bike, wear a well-fitted helmet and visible clothing, and look for bike paths whenever possible. 


Keen to reduce your environmental footprint? Getting out of your car and onto an e-bike is a great place to start. An e-bike uses similar batteries to those in your smartphone, but the large, removable battery that powers the machine has a lifespan of several years – and it’s arguably got a better chance of being recycled when the time comes as well. The energy used to charge an e-bike isn’t a major problem, and of course the bike is partly powered by you, the rider.

As an active retiree, you will be particularly interested in finding the right e-bike to meet your needs. If you’re a little less flexible than you used to be, a step-through frame is a real advantage.

There are some fantastic e-bikes on the market to suit your specific riding needs. For example, you could try the E-City and E-Road ranges from Merida Bikes – versatile e-bikes built for on-road comfort during urban adventures.

An e-bike could be the one piece of exercise equipment that doesn’t gather dust in your garage. So strap on your helmet and get ready to ride into the future.