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Tip Toe through the Tulips

On a most beautiful spring day 31 members from the Probus Club of Fremantle and friends set off for the Araluen Botanic Park with Villa Tours (previously Villa Carlotta).

Their host was Nadia and husband Herbie was the driver. In 1905 wealthy publisher Jack “Boss” Simons with others started the Young Australian Football League to prevent “non-Australian” sports such as soccer and rugby encroaching on Australian Rules. Shortly after, the name was changed to Young Australian League (YAL) with broadened activities to promote nationalism. The ideals were “Education through travel”.


In 1929 Simons purchased land for the outdoor activities of the YAL. This land became the Araluen Botanical Gardens as a memorial to YAL members killed in WW I. Camp Simons was built nearby and is still there today. Due to declining funds, Araluen fell into disrepair. A developer wanted to buy the land but public pressure resulted in the WA Government buying it in 1985. Since 1990 the Araluen Botanic Park has leased the land from a government trust.


In the last weekend in May of this year 400 volunteers gathered for the annual tradition and 140,000 tulip bulbs were planted. Regular visitors to Araluen considered that the tulips were the best ever this year due to them being in full bloom and the mixed colours in the beds. Recently, 4,500 people visited the park over a weekend and more than 70,000 people will come to view the blooms this spring.


From Araluen members went to The Elizabethan Pub for lunch.

everyone ordered lunches on the bus going to Araluen and the organization at the pub in quickly serving all the meals was excellent.