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Summer skin tips

Our skin really dries out in winter and while spring is the time to rejuvenate it, summer is most definitely the time to protect it.

“Air conditioning, wind chill and hot showers can all wreak havoc on your skin,” explains Samantha Sargent, natural skincare expert and distributor of AEOS. And this is especially felt during the winter months.

During spring, our skin starts to bounce back. The warmer days mean slightly cooler showers and barely any wind chill to harm the skin. But that doesn’t mean we sit back and wait for our skin to repair itself. During summer, it’s crucial to ensure we’re taking care of our skin, especially with the hot and humid Australian climate.

According to Samantha, it’s a holistic approach. “Skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body, both on a physical nutritional level, but also an emotional level,” she says. “For healthy skin, there’s no shortcuts.” It’s all about balancing a good choice of skin care products, with a sensible diet and ensuring you’re staying well hydrated from the inside.

Top tips

With this in mind, here are Samantha’s top tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing during the warmer months.

Enjoy sensible sunshine

The most important thing to remember about sunshine is balance and using your common sense to avoid sun damage. The fact is, that the sun has a remarkable impact on our health and happiness, so you shouldn’t avoid it. However, spending all day in the sunshine isn’t the smartest choice either. Enjoy the sunshine in the early or late hours of the day, avoiding direct sun exposure between the hours of 11am and 3pm. And if you are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time during the day, wear a hat and apply a natural sunscreen that contains zinc oxide.

Swap your rich face cream for a lighter moisturising lotion

In the summer months, it might be helpful to use a light moisturising lotion so that your skin doesn’t become congested. Find one that is light and non-greasy. And don’t forget to apply it. In fact, a good idea is to make it part of your morning routine when you wake up – brush your teeth, wash your face and then pop some moisturiser on.

Remember to exfoliate once a week

Exfoliation is a necessary and basic step in your skin care ritual, as it encourages skin cell turnover, stimulates the production of new skin cells, and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, the basic building blocks of the skin. It only needs to happen once a week. Make sure you find one that will be gentle on your skin.

Remember to spritz

A quick spritz of your favourite face mist throughout day is an effective and refreshing way to hydrate and replenish lost moisture. A mist is to moisturiser, as salt is to pepper; they work so beautifully together. It also keeps you cool during those hot and sweaty days. There’s nothing more refreshing than a bit of cool water on your face.