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Do you know what Bastille Day is all about?

Do you know what Bastille Day is all about? Well Toodyay Probus club members do now! 

Although none of the members are French, because the Clubs Progressive Dinner Meeting date was very close to Bastille Day, it was decided to celebrate lots of French aristocrats getting the chop! Bastille Day was on 14th July to commemorate the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

The Bastille was a jail in Paris that held people that the king, Louis 14th, didn’t like. The Bastille was a symbol of the king’s dictatorial rule and the storming was the start of the French revolution. Ironically, they found only seven inmates, none of whom were of any political significance.

Now back to the dinner! Most members travelled by bus between the three venues, with Sue driving. Sue was very expert at negotiating some of the hairy spots. Dressing in blue, white and red was the order of the evening with a few berets. The entré was a delicious French onion soup at Jenny and Mick Hildred’s property and the delectable main course at Monika and Peter’s was pre-empted by standing to attention for La Marseillaise and eating to the songs of Edith Piaff! 

Finally, at Kaye’s we enjoyed delightful desserts prepared by Kay, Judith and  Jenny (Clarke).  Thanks also go to Joan for her input. A most enjoyable evening.