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A walk through history

At a recent Club excursion members of Hobart Macquarie drove to the historic Southern Tasmanian township of Richmond where they “walked back through history” as they visited and inspected the Old Hobart Town Historic Village located in the Main Street.

This historically accurate Model Village is unique as it is Tasmania’s original, and only one of a handful in Australia. Since opening in 1991 it has been providing a fascinating and informative introduction to Hobart’s and Tasmania’s past. 

Constructed to a scale of 1:16 over a period of three years, Old Hobart Town is unique within Australia as the builders, John and Andrew Quick, used original maps and plans from Tasmanian Archives and Lands Department to ensure historical accuracy, depicting Hobart (Hobart Town) and Port as it was in the 1820s. It encapsulates Sullivans Cove, Hunter Island, the Hobart Rivulet and the main town centre.

This incredible piece of art contains over 60 replica model buildings and 500 period figurines including convicts, gentlemen, labourers, children and even ladies of the night, telling the stories – often those of hardship and sometimes cruel – of our pioneering forefathers. There are people going about their daily tasks at work and even washing hanging out to dry.

Another feature is the over 100 native myrtle bonsai trees, which blend into the scale and environment of the model, covering in total approximately two tennis courts.

After visiting and walking among the miniature buildings, streets and waterways, you are able to go to current-day Hobart with the knowledge of the buildings remaining in the City, and visit them.

After their “visual history session” members retired to the historic Richmond Arms Hotel (established in 1827) for Fun, Friendship and Fellowship – and lunch!