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How group activities can revitalise your brain

If you’ve recently joined a Probus Club or other social group, and gotten together with others for a simple game of Scrabble, a group jigsaw or other puzzle, you may have just taken the first step in increasing your memory and avoiding Alzheimers*.

There are plenty of well documented health reasons for enjoying any sort of group activity, including these great points.

They can alleviate or help avoid Alzheimers.
This is one of the most-discussed reasons for doing puzzles and playing table games like Scrabble. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, a daily dose of puzzles is a significant way to keep the brain active and sharp, especially as you grow older.

Group activities trigger bonding
Anything performed in a group can strengthen social bonds. It brings people together in stimulating their minds, and triggers increased brain activity improving things like memory.

They teach new words.
This is a great way to increase your vocabulary. Through crosswords and Scrabble, you are learning new words constantly. If you don’t know the meaning of a new word, you can always check the dictionary and add it to your vocabulary.

They engage you deeply.
When you’re solving crossword puzzles, you tend to dig deeper into the problem at hand. This means you are less focussed on your own problems. It’s a great way to relax and forget your worries for a little while.

They offer a fun way to overcome boredom!
If you are lonely, depressed, anxious, or bored, just open your newspaper and solve a crossword puzzle. This will help you to relax, keep your mind engaged, and just have fun! Even better, get along to your local Probus Club and find a few others who want to while away a couple of hours playing cards, doing puzzles or just having a chat. Your brain and health will thank you for it!

Rediscover some great activities by joining  a Probus Club and get that brain back into gear!

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* Alzheimer’s Association general research, published 2015. Additional material with permission from Sumaiya Kabir.