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Updates from The Probus Club of Attadale

Here are some updates from the Probus Club of Attadale. Congratulations to members Kevin and Les!

Since joining The Probus Club of Attadale in year 2000, Kevin O’Brien has hardly been out of office. He quickly became outings officer, accepting responsibility for several years, and then became the longest serving treasurer in the history of the club, continuing in the role for more than a decade until he was finally elected President for this Club year. His dedication and commitment has been rewarded by club life membership. Kevin also freely gives of his talents to other organisations.    

The remarkable Les Skelton has also been honoured with life membership of the Probus Club of Attadale.

Les committed himself to a life of service to others after surviving a tour of duty flying heavy bombers over Europe in World War 11.

He became a foundation member of The Probus Club of Attadale as well as being elected the first President of the Cockburn Rotary Club. It was with Rotary that he took on the task of Probus Club formation and was successful in establishing more than 100 clubs in Western Australia. Despite his heavy Rotary commitments, Les rarely missed an Attadale meeting in 35 years.

And then there were his stamps. He has collected tens of thousands of used stamps from donors, which are sold to benefit deserving charities. He never fails to bring his stamp collection tin to Probus meetings and is constantly exhorting members to support the cause.