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A proud grandmother

Many superlatives are needed to describe the achievements of an exceptional but very young woman with impressive university studies behind her who spoke to the Melville Ladies Probus Club recently.

Lucy Stronach is the granddaughter of proud Club member, Carolyn Everall, and also great-granddaughter of a former member, Muriel Clive.

Lucy spoke about her ongoing experiences working with the United Nations and has recently lived and worked with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam doing vital work for the Street Kids in Hanoi. The Blue Dragon Foundation rescues children from the misery of human trafficking and slavery, rehabilitates and, where possible, reconnects them with their families.

She has also worked in Sri Lanka as Research Assistant at the “Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka”. There, she was employed to work creating major policies for that country including Politics, Terrorism and the Death Penalty.

Lucy has now been declared the Australian United Nations Youth Representative for 2020. This is a joint position appointed yearly through a rigorous application process and created by partnership between UN Youth Australia and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Lucy will soon begin extensive consultation with young Australians, politicians and leaders all around Australia. Then, on behalf of the young people of Australia, deliver a statement to the United Nation's General Assembly in New York and, as an accredited member of the Australian Mission to the UN, will deliver a report to the Australian Federal Government on the year's consultations and key findings and recommendations.