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Stay healthy on holidays

Are you heading overseas? Get the right info and shots for an overseas trip.

There’s nothing more exciting than planning an overseas holiday, but there’s also nothing worse than being sick while on holidays. You have saved and looked forward to this trip for ages and now here you are seeing more of the bedroom than you are of your exotic destination. But with a bit of planning and the right health advice, you can have the dream holiday without the drama.


Visit your doctor

Only your GP can give you the right advice, so use your impending trip as a great excuse for an overall health check that helps you head off on your trip confident you are in the best health you can be. Discuss your destination and make sure you have the right up-to-date vaccinations, consider getting flu vaccinations early, and call in to the dentist for good measure so you don’t crack a crown while cruising the high seas.


Know your destination

Whether you’re using a travel agent or not – and this is a good idea as a senior traveller – make sure you know what climate you’re heading into, whether there are any disease warnings, and find out where the medical facilities are.

And for a general idea of the dangers and health risks, you can always visit the government’s Smart Traveller website.


Check your travel insurance

When you’re overseas, your travel insurance can be key to how quickly, and safely, you recover. Make sure you’re fully covered for all the concerns you have and that you have coverage for the right countries.


Look after yourself

 While you’re away you need to take care of yourself, and not overextend yourself running around and seeing too many sights.

  • Check the water: if you are advised to avoid tap water, drink only bottled drinks and avoid ice.
  • Take your time: don’t get run down by a too-full itinerary. Go at your own pace.
  • Watch the lag: allow a day or so to adjust to any time changes. We don’t bounce back like when we were teenagers.
  • On the plane: take a walk to ward off deep-vein thrombosis, wear loose clothing and keep hydrated.
  • Important medicines: make sure you keep them with you and don’t put them in checked-in luggage – just in case.
  • Watch your back: does your suitcase have wheels? If not, make sure not to overload it.

Above all, have fun. But remember, if you ignore the health side of taking off on a trip, then you may end up with less-than-fond memories.