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Winthrop Combined Probus Club Outing

Winthrop Combined Probus Club outing started in Court Room 1 of the Supreme Court with the opening address to the court by the prosecutor in the case of the disappearance of Hayley Dodd.

Then into an empty court room to have all the duties of the court officers and court procedures explained. Interestingly these days’ 18 jurors are selected to sit on the jury to hear all the evidence. 

This covers any possibility of jurors becoming unwell etc and unable to complete the trial.  At the end of the trial the foreman remains and 11 jurors are chosen by ballot to retire to decide on a verdict.

Members then continued the tour into the Old Supreme Court which is now being used as a museum. Here they donned wigs and gowned up for the 1925 mock trial of Audrey Campbell Jacob accused of murdering her fiancé at the Perth Parliament Charity Ball. 

Scripts to act out the trial were provided and then the jury had to make a decision on the evidence  given as to:

- Guilty of Murder

- Guilty of Manslaughter

- Not Guilty

A very informative tour especially for those who haven't been in or experienced a court room before. Members had lots of fun and many laughs.