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Fabulous art collection

Fifteen or so fortunate members of the Melville Ladies Probus Club took the opportunity to visit the Western Australian Art Gallery to view part of the fabulous art collection of the Italian Corsini family that, for a brief period, is exhibited in Perth.

Drawn from one of Florence’s most important private art collections, they normally reside in the Gallery of the Palazzo Corsini and this is their first journey outside Florence.

 “A Window on Italy – The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence” features masterworks by famous artists such as Tintoretto, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Pontormo and more.”

The Corsini family moved to Florence in the 13th century and soon became successful and prominent and the magnificent collection began.

The assemblage offered to Perth includes famous paintings from as early as the 14th century.

They were hidden from the invaders during world war 11, one even showing bullet holes inflicted when German Officers were searching.

To increase the grandeur of the exhibition, the walls of the gallery were decorated with panels to represent the splendid Italian Palazzos that are the normal settings for these masterpieces.

The excellent gallery guide, explained the features and history of the paintings, the family and the artists that we may not otherwise have noticed nor appreciated.