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Time to reflect

The Combined Probus Club of Attadale Walking Group recently visited the Place of Reflection in Kings Park. The area was opened by the Premier Colin Barnett in April 2011 and gifted to the people of Western Australia.

This project was the vision of five community organisations that assist people who are dealing with loss and grief in their lives. The consortium, with funding from Lottery West and additional finance, was able to turn this location into reality.

The site of the Place of Reflection has been created in a beautiful secluded setting adjacent to Roe Gardens, in order to provide a special area for commemoration, hope, and healing surrounded by nature. People are able to come and remember their loved ones in this special peaceful place, and the facility has been designed for individuals, families, and community groups.
The guide, Vida Corbett from Soroptimist International of South Perth (one of the consortium members), led the group along the winding secluded pathways, and pointed out the tranquil seating nooks and contemplation decks. These places have been thoughtfully created in order to be close to nature and provide stunning views over the river and city.

At the end of the walking path the striking circular Marlee Pavilion looks out onto a spectacular panorama of the Swan River and Darling Range in the distance. This is a lovely area of Kings Park and is well worth a visit.