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Believe it or not, thirty two  members of Hobart Macquarie travelling by coach, took their October Excursion into the spectacularly scenic and unique South West Tasmanian Wilderness and when there, went 183 metres underground to the Gordon Hydro Electric Power Station!


Pictured: A group of members inside Underground Gordon Hydro Electric Power Station

Their coach travels took them into the Hydro  Tasmania Gordon – Pedder Catchment Scheme which includes many wild rivers flowing through deep gorges, high rugged mountain ranges and the massive combined Lakes Gordon and Pedder. Lake Pedder was once a natural lake which was expanded to become the largest fresh water storage in Australia ( Three times larger than the largest lake in the Snowy Scheme) by the construction of three rock fill dams; Scotts Peak (38 m) , Serpentine(43 m)  and Edgar (17m). Lake Pedder feeds into Lake Gordon.

Lake Gordon was created by the construction of the spectacular Gordon Dam, a double curvature arch dam ( 192 m long and 140 m high) in a steep gorge on  the Gordon River. 

Pictured: Scenic Southwest Tasmania Lake Pedder.

Here the visiting Group went subterranean , straight down 183 metres by lift, into the underground Hydro Tasmania’s Gordon  Electricity  Power Station, which, using three large generating sets, produces approx. 13 per cent of the State’s electricity demand. Water flows to the Power Station via a 137 metre-high vertical shaft,  from Lake Gordon.

They toured this cavernous Station ( 96m long x 22m wide x 28 m high) where Operators explained all aspects of the construction, operations and maintenance of the installation. There is room for two future generator sets.

Accommodation was in The Wilderness Lodge on the shores of Lake Pedder where the vistas of the mountains and water were magnificent, especially at dusk.”

Pictured: Group relaxing pre dinner Wilderness Lodge Lake Pedder