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Support in aged care

As at 31 December 2017, there were 104,602 people waiting for a home care support package.

A staggering 26.70% had been waiting for more than 12 months, although many had a lower care package in the interim.[1]

How do you increase your chances of receiving the support you need to stay in your home?

  • Arrange to have an Aged Care Assessment to assess eligibility.
  • Research approved home care support providers in your area, what they offer and the costs.
  • Once approved, work with the home support team to develop a package of services you require and work out all the costs you will pay, and what may be subsidised by the government.
  • Sign the home care agreements.

Of course, all of this is much easier with the help of a financial adviser who specialises in aged care.

RI Advice Group Pty Limited (ABN 23 001 774 125), AFSL 238429. This editorial does not consider your personal circumstances and is general advice only. You should not act on any recommendation without considering your personal needs, circumstances and objectives. We recommend you obtain professional financial advice specific to your circumstances.

(1) Dept. of Health: Home Care Packages Program Data Report 2nd Quarter 2017-18. Figures correct as at 30 September 2017.