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Annual ‘Vanners’ Holiday at White Beach

Probus Club of Hobart (Men’s) enjoyed their 10th Anniversary Vanners holiday at White Beach.

Caravans, holiday cabins, private accommodation provided a base for Probarians and friends who joined with day visitors to make an enthusiastic group for each day’s activities on the magnificent Tasman Peninsula around Nubeena and Port Arthur.

Numbers fluctuated during the eleven days members were there and there were twenty seven at the “Lucky Ducks” feast - a record!

The weather, which was the worst members have endured in the ten years they have been going there, precluded much of the beach activity but nonetheless morning walks along the beach plus one extended “Cape” walk, some kayaking/swimming, sightseeing, “Lufra” lunch, fine dining at “1830”, reading, morning coffee and most importantly the ever popular daily “Happy Hour”(or two or three) were very much on the agenda.