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These boots are made for walkin’

These words, borrowed from the song written by Lee Hazlewood, could well be the theme song for this group of members from the Probus Club of Kingston in Southern Tasmania.

Each month, many members who believe in the importance of keeping mentally and physically active in retirement, gather together for a leisurely walk in the Kingborough Municipality.

The Walking Interest Group Leader, Tony Burgess deftly selects walks that are scenically rewarding with an abundance of birdlife, wildflowers and natural historical interest.

With such a plentiful array of photographic interest, the shutterbugs are well entertained.

Group members note that a valuable aspect of the walks is the opportunity for healthy interaction, conversation and good cheer along the track. The only thing that sometimes challenges the serene peace is a bird call in the trees, or the peals laughter that follow someone cracking an outrageously funny joke.

The afternoon is culminates in a much needed tea, coffee at a local cafe.