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How to stay warm through winter

Are you prepared for the looming colder weather? As winter fast approaches, it’s time to think about staying cosy and warm while enjoying life inside and outside your home.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to experience the warmer winters of Australia’s north. In many regions you will already be starting to feel the chill in the air, and in your bones!

So let’s get proactive about weathering the temperature drop to come. Here are some hot tips to help you stay warm through winter.


There are a few practical things you can do to keep your house warm, and they won’t cost you a cent. If your home has a lot of glass, trap precious heat in the daytime by throwing open blinds or curtains to the sun. At night close up the house, as well as the doors on any rooms not being used regularly. Cold air often creeps in underneath doors, but air leakage or draughts can be prevented by something as simple as a good old-fashioned ‘snake’ or draught stopper. Rugs and mats can prevent the cold rising through the floor. Wool is a particularly good insulator, but any rug or mat can make a difference.


It’s a good time to think about the most efficient and economical heating options for your home. If you have heaters installed make sure they’re working correctly and consider having them inspected and properly maintained. If you’re renting, remember that your landlord has a responsibility to make sure any heaters in the home are safe and fully operational.

If you decide your current heating is insufficient, get cracking with some research on new heaters, keeping in mind the size, running costs and particular needs of your household. There is loads of information available online to assist you in making the right choice, whether it’s a free-standing oil heater or a reverse-cycle split-system air conditioning unit.


Some people have trouble controlling and regulating their body temperature, especially during winter. Fortunately, a few of the traditional strategies for keeping warm really work – and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Put a rug on your lap when watching tv, throw an extra blanket on the bed, or invest in a winter-weight doona. Our clothing choices can make a lot of difference in the winter months so take time to dress for the weather. Layering is not just a fashion trend. Several layers of thin clothes will retain heat better than one thick layer. Scarves, beanies and warm socks can all provide extra warmth. Thermals and wool jumpers, and outer garments made from wind-proof fabrics, are all fantastic options for your winter wardrobe.  


Did you know that some illnesses make it harder for you to stay warm? Diabetes, for example, can interfere with normal blood flow, thyroid conditions can make it difficult to maintain a normal body temperature, and even some medications can affect body heat. So be aware that medical check-ups, including your annual flu vaccine, are an important part of your personal kit for preventing illness and blocking out the cold.


There’s a reason we love soup and hot drinks in winter: they not only taste good, they help keep our body temperature stable. So dig out your favourite winter recipes and warm the whole place with a bit of home cooking. Getting outdoors is just as important in winter for our physical and mental health, so why not pack a thermos of hot soup or tea when you plan a picnic?