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Pollie watching

On a beautiful autumn day in Hobart, 19 members of The Hobart Probus Club (Men's) sallied forth to visit Parliament House in Hobart.

They were greeted by charming and informative guides, Aurelie and Kimbra, who carefully led the group through the security and vetting procedures.

As it was a sitting day for both the Lower House (House of Assembly) and the Upper House (Legislative Council) they were able to see the elected Members at work. The Lower House was considering a bill, which all sides seemed to support, so there wasn’t too much action there.

However, once they got into the Upper House we witnessed the vote on a fairly controversial bill so we were all locked in while the numbers were counted. In the middle of the poor Green Member’s speech, the bell sounded for lunch and everybody was up and off before she could finish her sentence.