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Better late than never

The Ladies’ Probus Club of Devonport turned 30 in April but were unable to celebrate until recently due to Covid.


The Club was formed on 6 April, 1992 with 66 ladies attending. Club president at the time was Val and she only resigned last year and resides in a nursing home. The Club has two other original members still living but resigned.

Also three remaining ladies from the inaugural meeting are still very active in the Club. Mrs Enid Pitt has received Life Membership, with Beverley and Diane added to that list at the celebrations.

The sub-committee of four talented members decorated the Devonport Country Club room with pink floral arrangements with pearls and fairy lights to complete the picture. Mayor Annette Rockliffe and Probus Ambassador for the North West Coast Clubs, Pat were the special guests and sat at the head table. Members of seven clubs along the coast were invited to join the occasion.