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Fremantle Probus' trip to the monastic town of New Norcia

Fremantle Probus' trip to the monastic town of New Norcia

Twenty three Fremantle Probus Club members and their guests boarded the “Elite Tours” coach for a trip to the monastic town of New Norcia. On the way, the members and guests were given a brief history of the foundation of New Norcia and the two colleges, St Ildephonsus and St. Gertrude’s by Secretary, Santa Zanotti who was an “old boy” of St Ildephonsus College. (1962-1963).

A morning tea stop was made at Bindoon to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some excellent cake before resuming the trip. They did a “drive through” of the European Space Agency satellite dish to view it at first hand before arriving at New Norcia. Lunch was at the New Norcia Hotel, built initially to provide accommodation for visiting parents of students of the two colleges. Lunch orders were phoned through by Jenny and Peter and they were treated to good food and generous helpings.

After lunch our New Norcia guide joined us and took us to the Abbey Church and the outside of the monastery. While in the Abbey church members were treated to two pieces of music from the church’s Moser organ.

It was on to the European Space Agency Interpretive Centre to view a presentation on the purpose and role of the satellite dish. A tour of St Ildephonsus College followed including the beautiful chapel, touring the upstairs dormitories where Secretary Santa told a few stories of when he was a boarder. The next stop was at St. Gertrude’s to view the beautiful chapel before a final tour of the museum and art gallery.

A tired and happy bunch boarded the coach for the trip back to Fremantle Sailing Club with President Eric offering the thanks of all of us to Peter and Jenny and the coach driver for a great day.

Acknowledgements: Guest Writer Santa Zanotti who also assisted with matching the names with buildings on the photo page. Guest Photographers: Don Leyland & Don Slaughter. New Norcia Monastic Town: Photo of the Space Station & Bishop Salvado above.