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Combined Probus Club of Waurn Ponds

Minutes for Committee Meeting Date: April 11th, 2018

Present: Pam Carlyon, Terry Moore, Mike Cake, Bruce Twaddell, Irene & Bill Vandenberg, Ross Stephens, Noel Patchett, Gayle Dougall, Glenda Salmon, Averil Anderson

Apologies: Nil

Minutes of last meeting March 14th, 2018 as previously distributed be taken as read, accepted and adopted. Moved: Ross Stephens Seconded: Gayle Dougall Carried

Business arising from previous minutes.

• AGM went well.

Correspondence: Inward

• Lois Kennett – application to be an inactive member.

• Abervale re Community Connect Event (phone call report via Terry Moore)

• Tentative booking – mid September. 15+ participants required. Abervale would contribute $500 to the club. Other Probus Clubs have visited in the past.

• PSPL - (Dawn English) - new members’ card given to Hedie Bialluch at March meeting.

• Resignation of the Schwarz’s recognized. Outward

• Acceptance of Norman Munday as a member. Induction at May meeting. Terry has an Induction pack.

Moved Terry Moore that the inward correspondence be received and the outward correspondence approved. Seconded: Avril Anderson Carried

Business arising from Correspondence:

• Letter to Waurn Ponds Deakin Combined Probus in response to their request to liaise with our Club in relation to Trips and Tours. We are happy to highlight their trips to our members for interest.

Treasurer’s Report:

Opening Balance: $2726.76

Receipts $2593.00

Expenditure: $ 774.14

Closing Balance: $4545.62

Moved: Mike Cake that the Treasurer’s Report be received and accepted

Seconded: Glenda Salmon


Membership: Terry Moore. 96 members

Welfare: Glenda Salmon:

Glenda is keeping in touch with those in need of support

CLUB Speakers: Bruce Twaddell

April ; Mike Cake

Speakers: Irene & Bill Vandenberg

• April – Ian Clydesdale – Regional Channel Authority

• June: Noel Mitaxa – Sports Chaplaincy

• July: Peter Doak

Trips and Tours/ Special Events: Gayle Dougall & Averil Anderson

Trips- Gayle

• Minigolf 26 April 2018

• Geelong Football Club 30 May 2018.Tour is free but required to have lunch there.

• Blackwood bus trip. Cost $35.00 include lunch.

Special Events – Averil

• ANZAC Day recognition 18th April. 10.00 start. Anzac biscuits provided for morning tea. 2 course lunch at 12.15.

• Set up of meeting room; Those activities from the side room that can be moved to the main room can do so -as people collecting money could continue & not miss any of the meeting.

• Caravans and Camping: organisers to be announced at April Club Meet

Bulletin: Ross Stephens:

• bulletin has been distributed by email & to those who had supplied stamped self addressed envelopes

Other items

• Information Day at Torquay attended by Pam, Bruce and Noel. Very informative, especially Probus representative, Margaret Robinson's organisation of the day, and from the group sharing. great affirmation for our club that we have done, and are doing , everything wonderfully.

• Letter of thanks to Zeally Bay Torquay Probus Club for hosting the day with great lunch and tea and coffee provided

• Letter of thanks to Margaret Robinson for her part in the day.

• Travel groups that support Probus were present at the information day.

General Business:

• All time record keeping is only up to 2015 so Secretary to update

• All time Committee members’ list needs updating also.

• Birthday recognition – discussion as to whether monthly birthday recognitions can be incorporated with coffee and chat group. follow up with Geoff

• Suggestion Box to be made available for future developments.

• Mobile microphone – Noel to investigate.

• Personal Medical Cards – Secretary to order 100

• Accident Insurance forms are available on the Probus website.

• Paperwork required by Probus to be completed and sent to Sydney

• Draft directory that has been compiled by Jenny Patchett was tabled. Quote of $98 was approved and it will be printed at Officeworks. Thanks to Jenny for all the changes she has had to make. Foundation members are recognised in this directory.

Next Committee Meeting:

May 9th 9.30 am @ 2/20 Swinburne St Rippleside. Meeting Closed at 11.10am

Signed: President: Date:


Combined Probus Club of Waurn Ponds

Minutes for Club Meeting 18 April 2018

Opening   President Pam Carlyon  opened the Club Meeting at 10 a.m. extending a welcome to all members.

Visitors Welcomed: Dorothy Stokes,  guest of Pam Carlyon.

Obituary: Jan Jobson, past president and Foundation member. Bob Nicholls' read out a tribute of her contribution to our club.

Minutes of Club Meeting

Moved  by Noel Patchett  that the Club Meeting minutes from  March as previously circulated be accepted as a true and correct record and adopted and changes to the Committee Meeting Minutes from  April 11 2018 be noted.

Seconded  Irene Vandenberg. Carried

Business arising    Nil

Financial Report   tabled by Mike Cake.  Membership fees are due. Please place your $30.00 per member in a named envelope.

Group Reports: Pam invited the Group Leaders to make their reports.

                Dine Out:  Shirley Hunter

                   Our next outing will be held on Tuesday 24 April at 6.00pm Come along and join in the fun at the Valley Inn.

     And on May 16, we are having our lunch time dine out at the Torquay Hotel


Walking Group          

Don Heyne was thanked for his hosting of the Walking Group over the past few years.

Barry Cashmore  (new convenor)    

April 16 – Waurn Ponds Circuit, meet at 11 Cabernet Drive.  Coffee at Panache.

April 30 - Bay Walk. Meet at the Botanic Gardens and coffee at Deakin Waterfront Cafe

May 14th 9.30 Waurn Ponds circuit, meet at 11 Cabernet  Drive.


Welfare:      Glenda Salmon

Bob Ross has been in hospital and came home yesterday. “Get Well” greetings were posted to him.
A Thank You was received from Marylyn Julien following her surgery.
Peter McKenzie remains in hospital at the present time and is moving to Epworth Hospital today.
Thank you to our members for contacting Glenda about concerns.

Cabin & Caravan:   Barry & Isobel Tattersall/Ross & Margaret Allen

     Still to be decided    Barry asked for show of  hands to indicate how many would be interested in our November trip – (the week containing the third Wednesday of the month.)  Many hands were raised. He then asked for show of hands  of those who would not consider going over the other side of Melbourne. Only one or two were negative.  They will now work on the responses.


                Gardens & Galleries                    Stephanie Millard          

An outing has been arranged for 1st May at 10.30am to meet at the Roraima Nursery, 20 Swan Street, Lara.  There is a two acre display garden.  Tea and coffee will be available.




Trips and Tours:         Gayle Dougall

  Thursday 26th April  - The next outing has been planned for 10.00am at the Curlewis Golf Club.  Devonshire tea and then an 18 hole game of mini golf.  Cost: $21 p.p. payable today.

Wednesday 30th May – A free tour of the Geelong Football Club facilities with the proviso that we stay for lunch. Names to Gayle.

Tuesday 5th June – Bus trip to the Garden of St Earth. We leave Reynolds Road, Belmont,
coffee at the Mill Cottage in Ballan, visit the Garden of St Earth, then lunch in Bacchus Marsh (at own expense) .  $35 p.p. – 50 members are needed to make this viable.
Names to Stephanie or Gayle ASAP.

             Special events  -  Averil Anderson              

Averil has suggested that at our next meeting, in honour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s Wedding on 19 May, that we dress to impress accordingly.


Speakers                     Irene Vandenberg        

Our speaker today is Mr Ian Clydesdale from the Victorian Regional Channel Authority.

At our May meeting, Mr Noel Mitaxa , from Sports Chaplaincy of Australia will speak on finding the Missing Link in Sport.


Movie Stars                 Irene Vandenberg       

Our next outing is to see “The Song Keepers” PG (Strong violence) on Thursday 3 Mayat 1.30pm at the Pivotonian.  The story of a Central Australian Aboriginal Womens’ Choir tour to Germany.


Membership                Terry Moore    Present:  70         Apologies: 22         Visitors:     1                Absent.  3


Cards and Games       1.30pm Wednesday 9th May at Heyne’s home, 11 Cabernet Court, Grovedale.

Coffee and Chat         Geoff Anderson         

Meet on Friday 4th May at 10.30am at Barwon Edge Café


            Bookworms                Gayle Dougall 

Meet on Wednesday 2nd May at 10.00am at the Brioche Café, 175 West Fyans Street, Newtown


Craft:                           Marj Coghlan 

The Craft Group meets on the 2nd Wednesday from 1 to 3pm at the home of Marj at 94a Roslyn Road, Belmont. 

Please note her Phone No. is correct in the Directory – PH: 5244 4519


             Knitters:                      Wendy Hole

All knitted items to the Cottage by the Sea in Queenscliffe.  Any other donations of children’s clothing would be gratefully received.


Library and Book Exchange      Wendy Hole                      

Books will always be welcome as long as there are not too many at once.


Waurn Ponds Warblers                 Bob Nicholls                   

We are practising for the June Birthday meeting. First practice tomorrow at the Green’s home at 1.30pm.

General Business

  1. Bob Nichols thanked Don Williams for being the Club Auditor for so many years and presented him with  a  Certificate of Appreciation.        
  2. Thanks to Jenny Patchett for updating the Members’ Directory.
  3. Suggestion Box introduced.
  4. Computer interest Group?  - Good response.
  5. Probus Information Day, held at Torquay, was a great affirmation for the wonderful things we have done and do at our club. We did come back with some good ideas. Thanks for Bruce, Noel and Pam for attending.
  6. Thanks to Michael Dougall for producing the coloured calendar.

Club Speaker:   Mike Cake was introduced and thanked by Bruce Twaddell. He described his early life in England and his later life in Australia. From his personal experience, he advised that members get involved in Bowel Scanning. The next Rotary Bowel Screening is in May.

                ANZAC DAY    Ern Millard  led our tribute to those who fell and those who served.  He read the Ode followed by a minutes' silence and  “Lest we forget”.  President Pam thanked Averil for her tasteful and fitting memorial table. Thanks also to the hotel for the Anzac biscuits for our morning tea.

                Morning tea

                Guest Speaker:  Ian Clydesdale, the Commercial  Manager  from the Victorian Regional Channel Authority was introduced by Bob Nicholls and thanked by Irene and Bill Vandenberg. His topic was describing the role of the Victorian Regional  Channel Authority in monitoring the channels for large ships on Port Philip and Western Port Bays. He showed an interesting DVD of the 32 km channel into Geelong.

                Meeting closed at    11:50 am

                Next Club Meeting  May 23 2018 @ 10 am at the Waurn Ponds Hotel.

                Next Committee Meeting:  Wednesday 9th May @ 9.30am at Noel & Jenny Patchett’s home, 17 O’Driscol Court, Highton.